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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Hecate (part 1)

Hecate (part 2)

Christoph Fringeli


thanks to zelmaso for the videos!


partypics on: the TK07 website under: NYMNYR


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act 257 · iszoloscope · beyond within · cd-ep

01 the unsettled
02 dumachus junction feat. aliceffekt
03 in the other mind of us
04 to exhibit chaotic behavior (live cut)
05 etched into my very core
06 heard voices (acoustic piano version by missT)
07 raudivian device (ah cama-sotz remix)
08 the sum of us all (ivardensphere remix)
09 -28c and falling (frozen space remix by demanufacturer)
10 the path of totalitarianism (rehabilitated by norad)
11 raudivian device (mangadrive remix)
12 the sum of us all (collective negative equation remix by esa)
13 heard voices (xenocode remix)

13 track ep including new tracks and yet unreleased works, plus additional remixes by missT, ah cama-sotz, ivardensphere, demanufacturer, norad, mangadrive, esa and xenocode. distorted technoid industrial dance tracks, heavy rhythmic noise, breakcore and dark ambient soundscapes enriched with tribalistic percussion and a disturbing piano result in a well-wrapped package of contemporary electronics to move mind and body.


act 258 · iszoloscope · the edge of certainty · cd

01 first transcendental component (featuring norad)
02 flatline receiver
03 the edge of certainty
04 second transcendental component
05 in the face of descent
06 when all you see is light
07 l’imaginaire de la fin
08 inseparable from the void
09 third transcendental component

“no matter what instruments he uses, at some point he reaches the edge of certainty beyond which conscious knowledge cannot pass.” – carl g. jung

“after countless ventures with other projects and almost five years without releasing any albums, iszoloscope is back in full force. the return is without compromise and in all of its haunting brutality. these releases are the result of a long experiment with multiple realities, turned inwards, stretched thin and fractalized until glimpses of infinity seeped through the walls of consciousness into a formless show. a show that somehow is reminiscent of a strange balancing act between everlasting bliss and absolute terror crawling outside of time.

well, something like that… i think. that is until i realize, yet again, how absurd it all is when i try to paint it outside a metaphor. no matter how golden the answers are on the other side of my psyche, they never truly matter outside my mind. all the gold that i find in this enchanted forest of subjectivity always turns into ashes the instant it touches the light of the outside world – all while i try to convey my findings into coherent, rational thoughts. i’m still not sure how far down the rabbit hole i am.

i have knowingly gone beyond to explore anything that resembles an answer that is beyond the human experience. i only have greater questions that no language can formulate – questions that are slowly slipping back into oblivion. it seems we are all both geniuses and idiots at once. some less then others, maybe – the absurdity of this particular truth has always amused part of me while iszolating another. meanwhile, these releases are the result of countless passionate hours in the studio. of trial and error. of sharing technical information and creative dialogue with friends and artists…” – yann faussurier / iszoloscope

iszoloscope’s new full length album, recorded between 2007 and 2010, is proof that waiting is worthwhile. nine powerful tracks ranging between icy crystal clear technoid industrial to merciless rhythmic distortion, from breakbeats to breakcore, from dark ambient to complex electronica – go find out what lies beyond the edge of certainty!

“the only ‘realities’ (plural) that we actually experience and can talk meaningfully about are perceived realities, experienced realities, existential realities – realities involving ourselves as editors – and they are all relative to the observer, fluctuating, evolving, capable of being magnified and enriched, moving from low resolution to hi-fi, and do not fit together like the pieces of a jig-saw into one single reality with a capital r. rather, they cast illumination upon one another by contrast […]” – robert anton wilson

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iszoloscope discography. 10.2k10:
coagulating wreckage. cd/cd+7″. spectre r06/r06.1. 2001
aquifère. cd. spectre/nautilus na05. 2002
the blood dimmed tide (w/ antigen shift). 3″cd. spectre s10. 2002
do america (w/ tarmvred). cd-ep. ad noiseam adn25. 2003
au seuil du néant / le dénominateur commun. 2cd. ant-zen act138. 2003
this monstrosity is part of my fibric. 12″ vinyl. ant-zen act138.3. 2003
echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s14. 2003
les gorges des limbes. cd. ant-zen act178. 2004
split (w/ ebola). cd-ep. yb-70 09. 2004
the audient void. cd. ant-zen act189. 2005
echoes ov a beckoning arcanum (w/ ah cama-sotz). cd. spectre s23. 2006
beyond within. cd-ep. ant-zen act257. 2010
the edge of certainty. cd. ant-zen act258. 2010
beyond within and so on. mp3 ep. ant-zen dig018. 2010

iszoloscope official website:

Synthetic Violence – Autopsy Lp

With that album by Synthetic Violence we get back to the essence of Black Hoe: it is all about darkstep. Distorted beats and amens with heavy basslines meet scary screamings and soundscapes. You who are following our life fairly know what we are taling about: if You like the earlier Black Hoe stuffs You won’t be disappointed!

Click = Original

01. Synthetic Violence – Autopsy
02. Synthetic Violence – Buddha
03. Synthetic Violence – Samael & Lilith
04. Synthetic Violence – Instinct
05. Synthetic Violence – Cranio-Cerebral Trauma
06. Synthetic Violence – True Analcrashing
07. Synthetic Violence – VZ
08. Synthetic Violence – Last Breathe

Listen to the clips:…sy-lp-bh070lp


All tracks written, produced and arranged by Igor Golovins.
Additional mastering by Direct.
Artwork concept and design by Oliver Trigger.




Download from:

“Tending the Garden of Death!”


The track “Cynops” is taken from CAPSLOCK’s forthcoming mp3 release “Combustion” on Ketacore Records. Available soon through

[ more info : ] … 3-030.html

oldstyle hardcore track by Low Entropy on youtube!


Now together for the first time on cd: Tomas Korber and  Gert-Jan Prins
Tomas Korber / Gert-Jan Prins  – RI 1.5442
Cavity CD 03 –limited release 337 hand-made copies–

Tomas Korber: guitar, electronics
Gert-Jan Prins: electronics

Collaborative audio project by two masters of radical electronics and long line composition
who have been working together since 2008. Sprawling over the full 74 minutes of a
Compact Disc, RI 1.5442 offers a powerful yet subtle approach in the time and energy
domain. It was recorded during the Nuit Bleue 2009 event at The Saline Royale (Royal Saltworks),
a historical, utopian building complex by architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux in Arc-et-Senans in
eastern France.

Price information (postage included): NL: 14€ , EUROPE / WORLD 15€  ( paypal+4%)
Order at :

World distribution: Kudos/Boomkat, Metamkine, Erstdist.
Promotion: Dense, Berlin, D.

Korber / Prins – RI 1.5442

Released in a beautifully hand-made, hand-numbered edition of 337 copies, this disc houses
a live performance by experimental improv maestros Gert-Jan Prins and Tomas Korber,
recorded at La Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans in France, July 2009. Both artists utilise
unspecified electronics with Korber adding guitar to the piece. Regular followers of work by
these two will probably already be braced for something particularly extreme and
unconventional, and RI 1.5442 certainly delivers on this front. The seventy-four minute piece
evolves fluidly from a starting point that’s full of scrabbling electrical crackle and static, gradually
opening up to embrace strange nano-rhythms, low frequency blurts, mislaid feedback tones
and other such esoteric ephemera before shuffling into an unassuming mechanical skitter that
dies away slowly into hiss and eventually silence. This is noise music, but it’s just about the
cleanest and most precise noise music you’d ever be likely to encounter – not an easy listen
but highly recommended nevertheless.

not your monkey not your robot & crack beats present

Alle foto's weergeven | Bart Hard  

Zhark vs Praxis labelnight

29 oktober, op de avond voor Halloween vindt een samenwerking tussen Crack Beats en Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot plaats; Samen organiseren zij de Praxis & Zhark labelnight, wat betekent: experimentele breakcore van de duisterste plank.

Het is niet de eerste keer dat de wegen van Praxis en Zhark elkaar kruisen. Zo zijn er diverse gezamelijke releases. Daarnaast zijn in het verleden vaker feesten gegeven onder gezamelijke titel in Berlijn.

Praxis, het oudste en misschien ook wel breedste breakcore label ter wereld, is opgericht in 1992 door Christoph Fringeli. Hij zal dan ook aanwezig zijn met een breakcore set van de scherpste randjes.

Vanaf het Zhark label komt uiteraard Hecate. Zij zal haar occulte stijl vertegenwoordigen die varieert van dark ambient tot blackmetal achtige breakcore!

Op het Zhark label zijn daarnaast ook releases van Slutmachine (US) en Bulkrate (NL)verschenen, die ook beide hun meest duistere live sets ten gehore zullen brengen. Naast Slutmachine komt ook Dolores Drewberry uit America. Zij brengt ook al meer dan 10 jaar releases uit op obscure underground labels zoals het gerenomeerde Susan Lawly label op gericht door William Bennett van Whitehouse. Zij zal een psychic noise performance brengen.

Ook zullen de artiesten achter Crack Beats en Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot hun eigen draai aan de avond geven, met een live set van Rioteer en een speciale dj set van King Pin en Bart Hard. Het geheel wordt op gepaste wijze van beeld voorzien door het Tilburgse vj collectief, Plagiaat Vj’s.

line up:

Hecate(Zhark International)

Christoph Fringeli (Praxis, Sub/Version)

Slutmachine (Zhark,No Room For Talent,USA)

Dolores Dewberry (Susan Lawly, Nastycandy, V/VM Test,USA)

Bulkrate (Zhark International, No Room For Talent, Darkwinter)

Rioteer (Crack beats)

Bart Hard (NYMNYR)

King pin (NYMNYR)

Plagiaat vj’s (Crackbeats)

WillemEen Arnhem
Damage 8 euro
from 22:00 till 04:00

some info!

Donna Summer Sydney Gig Special


PLAYLIST – 2nd October 2010

Donna Summer – Dense
Donna Summer – Possibly Useless
Passenger Of Shit – Fuckdogterdsupmyvagina RMX
Killjoy – Tearin’ Up My Heart RMX
B.I.N.T. and Killjoy – Cockblast
Vicious Cyclist – Berlin!
B.I.N.T. – Handle Your Business
Hammer and Tongs – Sheilas and Blokes


Supertramp – Logical Song
ELO – Last Train to London
Steely Dan – Babylon Sisters

*B.I.N.T. – Live Set*

Fukno – Federal Election Acid (Live 14/08/10)
Hammer and Tongs – Original Fucker
Jason Forrest – Severe High
Vicious Cyclist – Fly Codeine Pacific
Microphyst – WWF Superstars