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Daily Archives: October 20th, 2010

Fake No More Remixes Cover Art

1. Rembetiko Shazalakazoo Rmx
2. Ciganka Kosta Kostov Rmx feat. MC Killo Killo
3. What a wonderful life Mexican Dubwiser Rmx
4. Down Dominaton Part 2 DJ Delay dub
5. What a wonderful life Balkantronika Rmx
6. Fake No More BJ Crna Trava Rmx
7. Rembetiko Balkan Power Disco Rmx by Gipsy Syndicate (Free Download)
8. Lajka Peter Pozorek Rmx (Free Download)

Fake No more!
A slogan that caused a little uproar in one music scene two years ago and has not faded away since. Balkan yes, but please, how we think it should be. The Balkans are complex & its music is becoming more and more relevant in the cultural context of pop.

La Cherga is moving towards new horizons to present their new album in Spring 2011. Beforehand however, this compact and elegant selection of remixes will be published – created by the band’s artist buddies. Not everyone, however, found this task an easy one to accomplish:

“HERE WE GO…this might have been the longest time working on a RMX but maybe it’s not bad that it took me so long.” Kosta Kostov on “Ciganka”

“We have waited for the inspiration and the inspiration finally fell on the top my head.” Milan from Shazalakazoo on “Rembetiko 22“

Keeping true to the saying “A happy outcome is worth waiting for!” this wonderful club-oriented remix EP is the result of all that waiting. Stylistically this release take us across the entire range of city club and venue vibes:

DJ Delay is “down” with “Down Domination” and additionally electrodubs it to the limit.

Shazalakazoo add a pinch of Cumbia to their self-styled folkstep and deliver a euphoric version of “Rembetiko” – causing elation in over a million women.

Kosta Kostov is also deep in Cumbia. Supported by MC Killo Killo, he unexpectedly transplants “Ciganka” into a seedy Mexican quarter. There, Mexican Dubwiser awaits him. “What a Wonderful Life” – Cumbia Style!

BJ Crna Trava is outraged by this hankering for the Latino sound and shakes his head. Dubstep is his sound of truth: “Fake No More!”

The Balkantronika collective combine electronic elements and the sound of the Balkans to create a rather timeless track. They’d already refined La Cherga’s “Trouble Dub” and now seamlessly follow up with a version of “What a wonderful Life”. Voilá: another floor burner.

Since we have arrived on the dance floor it makes sense to speak about the Gipsy Syndicate too. With “Rembetiko 22” – originally a banging party hymn, the guys have gone even one better this time.

Peter Pozorek provides us with a little bit of a cooling down. “Lajka”, maybe the most beautiful song on Fake No More, has been transformed into a loungey Latin piece. Summer time is welcomed back…

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Tapage & Meander

Etched in Salt

November 8th on Tympanik Audio

1 – California Blue
2 – The Tide
3 – Tolopea
4 – Hydrostatic Skeleton
5 – Subumbrella Dispute
6 – Plankton
7 – Atolla Wyvillei
8 – Oceanographic
9 – Nectocalyx Barrage
10 – Osedax
11 – Abyssal Plain
12 – Delicate Hydroid

preview … preview-01

De nieuwe Neurobit 7inch op het Enfant Terrible label is afgelopen weekend gepresenteerd in Gallerie Moira te Utrecht.

petit enfant 007
Neurobit – Till It All Fades Away / Percussive Movement In Streaming Pulses (7″) limited to 300 copies.


8 bit spectacle…

Neurobit was already present on the Kamp Holland compilation and in several reviews his track was picked as one of the highlights from that release. This is the first official release of Neurobit on Enfant Terrible. Expect some bleeping psychedelics like an 8 bit version of Klaus Schulze and Terry Riley. Recommended to fans of minimal electronics, psychedelic music and chip tunes alike!p
Tracklisting (click title to hear soundclip):

Till It All Fades Away

Percussive Movement In Streaming Pulses

Meer info: