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Zardonic from Venezuela is undoubtedly the biggest dark Drum & Bass act in Latin America, with bookings in other countries including tours across the USA and Europe. Over the past few years he has amassed quite some vinyl releases (on labels like Human Imprint, Counterstrike, Subsonik Sound, Mindsaw, Cymbalism, Melting Pot, Assimilate…) and a good bunch of digital and netlabel releases including the seminal T-FREE from Germany, plus he is running his own netlabel Zardonic Recordings. Before putting out “normal” Drum & Bass tunes, he got around in the Metal scene under his alias “Gorepriest”, was involved in several projects and made remixes for bands. From that he had actually quite a history of fusing Metal with Drum & Bass even before it became really hip in the Drum & Bass scene. Around 2006/2007 he started concentrating more and more on Drum & Bass, developed his production skills considerably, attracted many fans with his music and eventually managed to gain the standing he has today.

Replicator from Romania has his vinyl debut on Aural Carnage and a growing number of digital and netlabel releases (on Mindsaw, Wayside and Black Hoe) under his belt so far, and more material is forthcoming on Dark Asylum, Mindsaw and other labels. Also watch out for his hard Techno collaborations with Delusional aka Mumblz… Replicator comes directly from the dark and technoid side of Drum & Bass, and that goes very well together with Zardonic’s approach, as everybody can hear in this nice collaboration tune here.

By the way, Zardonic simply HAD TO hand over a tune because in 2006, 3 years before the launch of Internet Recordings, there was a short-lived, controversial parody netlabel on DOA with the same name – and Zardonic got quite some from that label! Its label launch announcement and (1 week later) final statement threads are mandatory because DOA at its best and informative. For interested readers there is even more comedy to be found… And the Promo-Mix (mirror) is one of the funniest things ever – listening is highly recommended!

Zardonic Links: Myspace, Discogs,
Replicator Links: Myspace, Discogs

Released by: Internet Recordings
Release/catalogue number: www666

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