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NM046: puin + hoop – door

puin + hoop - door

format: cd / free mp3
released: november 13 2010


With the release of Door Puin + Hoop presents a rich trip through sound, encompassing the grey area between improvised music, post-industrial drone and glowing synthscapes. So far this Dutch trio – Roald van Dillewijn, Remco Verhoef, Erik Uittenbogaard – can put its name to an impressive catalogue of cd-r releases housed in inventive, self-made sleeves and boxes. Door is the first album by Puin + Hoop to be non self-released, but although they are with Narrominded now, Puin + Hoop still chose to produce the sleeves themselves this time. And they turned out lovely – but also very intricate and time-consuming.

Anyone who witnessed a performance by Puin + Hoop knows that the group assembles quite a mess onstage. Their huge collection of instruments, effects, electronics and mostly handcrafted noise generators can sometimes look like a complete chaos, still everything is in its right place within logical reach for the musicians. Musically there is a similar situation for the listener to be experienced. On first hearing the music on Door can be rough and difficult to relate to, but for the dedicated listener there is a world of musical detail and emotional richness to be discovered.

free download (mp3’s + artwork)

(zip file, size: 114 MB)


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  1. EDGEY MISFIRE 2010 !!!!

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