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Daily Archives: December 3rd, 2010

Ars Dada


BC_011 Ars Dada : Interlopers Cover

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Another outstanding release from Ars Dada, Interlopers is a monster of dark, haunting atmospherics and insane melodies. Don’t let the laid-back nature of his breakdowns lull you into a false sense of security, Ars Dada will come out of nowhere with intense, furious beats to assault the listener when they least expect it.

Loaded with the usual selection of suitably messed up samples, massive bass lines and beautifully produced sounds this is the perfect album to follow Dreadlords.


1] Interlopers
2] Die In Violence
3] Black Winter Hole
4] Cleansing of The Wicked
5] A Citizen In Hell
6] Freddy
7] Die Erste Absurdium (ReFlux)
8] Jonestown

[DOWNLOAD Ars Dada – Interlopers : 320Mp3 : 145Mb]



10th release Label DJ Mix

BC_010a 10th release Label Mix by craP_cillA

Now Available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

To celebrate Braincore Recording’s 10th release our resident DJ craP_cillA has mashed together a selection of tunes from the first 10 releases into an hour and a half of hectic, abrasive, mental and downright rave-tastic mix action.

A beautiful thing I’m sure you’ll agree!


01. Ars Dada – Co-Ed
02. Sadistic Chaos – YourmumsucksthecockofT(Error#666)
03. Ars Dada – The Simple XXX
04. Sadistician – Concerted (So Fuck You!)
05. Ars Dada – The Criminal XXX
06. Capra Morte – Ctrl-Alt-Esc
07. Glurff – Go Psycho
08. Weulthra – No Need To Not Argue
09. DJ Kaos – Fuck Dubstep
10. Ruby My Dear – Ole
11. Goroe – She Never Sleeps
12. Capre Morte – Going For Miles
13. Glurff – Pokerface Remix
14. Ruby My Dear – Slow Down
15. Weulthra – We’d Be Delighted To Set Daisies On Fire
16. DJ Kaos – Animal
17. ErotiCore SteNch – Atoms
18. Ruby My Dear – Dahomey Dance
19. Capra Morte – Giuseppe Doesn’t Drink
20. Sadistician Vs DJ Pinhead – Here & Now
21. Lee Brains – Pounce
22. Goroe – Real Pain
23. Weulthra – Satan’s Little Brother
24. Sadistician – Oxynucid – pH5.1 (Thrash Edit) (Please… Help…Me…Mix)
25. Glurff – Paint It Black
26. Goroe – Sick Of Your Bullshits (feat. Georgi From Expectaions)
27. ErotiCore SteNch – The Withching Hour
28. Capra Morte – Amore Tutti Cosa
29. ErotiCore SteNch – Wonderful World Of Colours
30. DJ Kaos – Suicide

[DOWNLOAD craP_cillA : Ten Braincore Recordings Releases Label Mix – 192Mp3 – 123Mb]