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Ars Dada


BC_011 Ars Dada : Interlopers Cover

Now available for FREE DOWNLOAD

Another outstanding release from Ars Dada, Interlopers is a monster of dark, haunting atmospherics and insane melodies. Don’t let the laid-back nature of his breakdowns lull you into a false sense of security, Ars Dada will come out of nowhere with intense, furious beats to assault the listener when they least expect it.

Loaded with the usual selection of suitably messed up samples, massive bass lines and beautifully produced sounds this is the perfect album to follow Dreadlords.


1] Interlopers
2] Die In Violence
3] Black Winter Hole
4] Cleansing of The Wicked
5] A Citizen In Hell
6] Freddy
7] Die Erste Absurdium (ReFlux)
8] Jonestown

[DOWNLOAD Ars Dada – Interlopers : 320Mp3 : 145Mb]

One Comment

  1. Easy dude

    Nice one for posting the Braincore releases on here….couldn’t find an email address to get hold of you on here, can you drop me an email so we can talk about a few things, please? email attached to this comment or via the website.

    Love what you’re doing with the blog, the more stuff there is on the net about breakcore the better off we all are!


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