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2010 Music Special

December 27th, 2010



THEMATICS is a weekly radio show, part of the Jaunt Collective on 2RRR-FM in Sydney. The theme is themes and they vary from genre-specific, to mixes and lyrical themes, across two hours. Special guests are often on the show to help select to suit whatever theme is chosen.

PLAYLIST – 25th December 2010

Phenoplastic – Surface Light
Ronin – The Hand That Rocks
Tortoise – Gigantes (Mark Ernestus Version)
Mr. Bill – Osseous
Mothball Z – Fuck What A Punk Bitch Think
Sickboy – Tweencore 5
Sir Vixx – Chicago Has Gone Soft
DJ Skull Vomit – Zombie Addict
Venetian Snares – Welfare Wednesday
Commie Dread – Bun Dem to Death
theDEXorphan – Bad Mouth
Paul Blackout – We Must Create
Igneon System – Do it for the Haterz
The Outside Agency – The Flux Capacitor
Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families – Too Many Times
Ragnarok – Stabbed by the Horns
Grave – Sexual Mutilation
Jesus Crost – Gonorrhoea
Jesus Crost – Tsarbomba
Jesus Crost – Frostkeller
Suffer – P.O.V.
Suffer – Selfish
Suffer – Wasted Faces
Envy – Pieces of the Moon I Weaved
Rubbish Throwers – Tapeworms
Grinderman – Evil
Squat Club – Corvus
The Versionaries – Drop Weight
Bad Religion – Meeting of the Minds


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