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Information and things you need to know about Eindhoven Kwark part 2

Saturday, January 8th 2011, the second edition of Eindhoven Kwark will take place @ TAC in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The Eindhoven Kwark Flyer

This years edition is marked with many acts from here and abroad.
One of the main acts comes over from England, Hal Hutchinson, now know as Pollutive Static. He will play his first Dutch show (next day he will play his first Belgian Show!)
Check this free download that is scheduled for release as a limited 7” on Der Bunker next year. Just make sure to see and experience his first Dutch live show!


We have Odal who will play another naked space invader show, this since we had a massive time schedule problem last year and have to make it up with Peter!
LSD Mossel who are so well known for it’s kiddycore! If you have never heard of them, check youtube! They are cult!
From Germany we have +-Error who most likely play a show full of errors!
Praying for Oblivion from the States will (assuming his myspace) bring us some industrial power noise… and if not, we will not be let down, so just come and check it!
Ruis (Ruistuin from The Netherlands) who probably will play a mix of soundscapes, ambient and some broken noises.
Jerking off Coma Patients from Belgium, formed at Eindhoven Kwarks first edition, now here to play the second edition! Expect some good old hard pedal noise!
Neurotic Envelope (formerly known as Doornen) will try to set a new record of 10 minutes of flipping harsh noise!
Mike (yes Mike TAC, also known for Kaiserschnee) will play a soundscape show. A new name to a new project.
Heidi Unterpants who had some problems last year will do another show this time. Seen her lately at Intrubate, she will make your evening complete with a bizarre show!
And Rothor (Return of the hazy orange rabbit) an all star band with members from Noise from the Grave, Paddo One, Psychomachia and < M < A > N > . They will combine their powers to create some deep droning noise!

This evening will be a mix of Noise, Core, Soundscapes, Doom and Experimental stuff!
DJ’s for the evening are Bart Hard, DRT MSTR and DJ KwaK

TAC – Eindhoven, Netherlands
Doors open 17:00 hour
Lot’s of merchandise!

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