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Daily Archives: January 16th, 2011


New release available from UK label Quagga Curious Sounds

BBBlood / Endometrium Cuntplow: Split C40, edition of 22 (Quagga Curious Sounds)

Label Description

QCS_034-BBBlood / Endometrium Cuntplow: Split C40, edition of 22

The first QCS release for 2011 and what a terrific one it is! Both artists seem to take a more restrained approach resulting in initial passages of ambient/experimental sounds developing into searing noise/power-electronics!

Pink cassette is packaged in a clear PVC zip-lock bag. Black and white artwork is printed onto orange card. Each copy comes with two miniature playing cards and an assortment of sequins and spangles.

£3.60 (UK)
£4.35 (Europe)
£4.85 (Wordwide)
Prices include postage.


datacide has compiled a list of the most extreme and dance-floor killing tracks and releases of 2010!  check it!



top 12 (no order)



v/a – Abri De Defense Passive N°14 – cavage 14

Christoph de Babalon – A world of my own – Restroom 12015

Cortex – praxis 48 WL

Cindytalk – the poetry of decay – e.mego 112

Sudden Infant – my life’s a gunshot vol.1+2 1989-2009 – hrönir 8909

Broken Note – flood ep – adn134

Cloaks – desolate turves mlp -3by3.06

Kovert – Staying Human – Sub/Version digital 01

Outside Agency, Cooh, SPL – Crossbreed Definition Series Prt 1 – Genoisha 175-002

Fury Project – toyz of noise – Anguish Entertainment 9

R-ictus – Onanisme Rituel – Underground Pervsions 7

Machine code – solitude – Subviolenz 5


more datacide:  here