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Daily Archives: February 5th, 2011

Low Entropy – Fluffy

Style: Acidcore, Hardcore, Oldschool


Low Entropy – Fluffy

1. Acid 9
2. Second Uprising (Rough Mix)
3. Back to the Old Style
4. Second Uprising (Finetuned Mix)


extra info provided by the artist:


“Acid 9” und “Second Uprising” are the two tracks i am asked most about.
Originally i had these tracks in mind for a possible vinyl release, but
then i thought, until these tracks are on vinyl and out of the pressing
planet, could take quite a long time…

On this Release there is also “Back to the Old Style” as a bonus track,
which was originally planned for a Release on Black Monolith (but in the
end i decided otherwise) aswell as a finetuned remix of “Second Uprising”.
All tracks are in 320 kbps so that DJs can enjoy it too.