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Daily Archives: February 8th, 2011

Datacide 11 out now – Table of Contents


Datacide events – page 3
Political news compiled by Nemeton – page 4-5

“Hedonism and Revolution: The Barricade and the Dancefloor” by Christoph Fringeli, page 6
“Dope smuggling, LSD manufacture, organized crime & the law in 1960s London”
by Stewart Home, page 8
“Shaking the Foundations: Reggae soundsystem meets ‘Big Ben British values’ downtown” by John Eden, page 12
“Tortugan tower blocks? Pirate signals from the margins” by Alexis Wolton, page 16
“Dancing before the police come” by Neil Transpontine, page 21
“From Subculture to Hegemony: Transversal Strategies of the New Right in Neofolk and Industrial” by Christoph Fringeli, page 24
“From Conspiracy Theories to Attempted Assassinations: The American Radical Right and the Rise of the Tea Party Movement” by Nemeton, page 28
“How to start with the subject. Notes on Burroughs and the ‘combination of all forms of struggle’” by R. C., page 37

“Sonic Fictions” by Riccardo Balli, page 40
“Digital Disease” by Dan Hekate, page 45
“Infra-Noir. 23 Untitled Poems” by Howard Slater, page 46
“Office Work” by Matthew Fuller, page 48

Record Reviews, page 52

“Beat Blasted Planet. An interview with Steve Goodman on ‘Sonic Warfare’” by Matthew Fuller and Steve Goodman, page 58
“Free Parties” by Terra Audio, page 60
“This is the end… the official ending” by Gorki Plubakter, page 61

The Lives and TImes of Bloor Schleppy (11), page 62
Charts, page 63

With 64 pages the biggest issue of datacide yet!

Available now for EUR 4.00 incl. postage – order now by sending this amount via paypal to praxis(at), or send EUR 10 for 3 issues (note that currently only issues 5, 7 and 10 are still available, but you can also pre-order future issues.

[MURCD-010] FFF – 20.000 hardcore members can’t be wrong



Nuff Respect To All The Massive Dem
Torturing Soundbwoy
Commercial Bwoy
The Power
Stand up
Tek Back Na Talk
True Vegetarian
Saturday Love
Special Request
20.000 Hardcore members

Torturing Soundbwoy (remix by CYCHEOUTS GHOST)
Nuff Respect To All The Massive Dem (remix by CARDOPUSHER)
KILL MC (remix by RoughSketch)
Punisher (remix by DJ SHIMAMURA)
War Is In The Dance (remix by APZOLUT)
Own (remix by NEWK)
War Is In The Dance (remix by DJ SHARPNEL)
Saturday Love (remix by The Doubtful Guest)
Nuff Respect To All The Massive Dem (remix by Zombieflesheater)
Saturday Love (remix by Capslock)
Nuff Respect To All Massive Dem (remix by DJ SHIMAMURA)
Acceler8 (remix by m1dy)
Nuff Respect To All The Massive Dem (remix by TOTALLY FUCKEDUP)
Gunfinger (remix by UNURAMENURA)
Saturday Love (remix by LFO DEMON)

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Available in Japan, but soon also via european distribution & digital download


Meldy Peaches – Live @ Museumn8 2010, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (06-11-2010)

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