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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Praxis isvery happy to announce the release of Praxis 48 by Cortex, titled Vacuum Theory.
A momentous, heavy, noisy and radical release by Alex Buess and Daniel Buess marking the return of Praxis to the vinyl front, as well as the return of the two artists to Praxis after the release of “Mechanophobia” by 16-17 in 1999 (Praxis 31) which has just been released digitally.
Collaborations with Alex Buess of course go even further back to the pre-Praxis days of the Vision label 1988-1992.

Vacuum Theory will be released officially on April 11, 2011, and will be available from all the usual outlets. From now until then, it ‘s exclusively available from Praxis.
It will also be released in digital format on April 11 through the Praxis download store.


Various - Extreme Sound Anti-Nuclear Cover Art

  • Digital Album

    Immediate download of 18-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Buy Now €10 EUR  or more

All proceeds from the sale of this release will be donated to help the relief efforts in Japan.

We who fear the present
We will claim our future
Time to use your brain
Fight for anti-nuclear

released 29 March 2011
Compiled by Albo
Artwork by Mattia Travaglini
Catalogue #: ESF02
© All rights reserved



Various Artists – Desolation [Electronic Compilation]

For this very special 40th release on Chase Records, celebrating 6 years of dedication to free hard electronic music, several producers have been asked to create / send a track based on the theme of “Desolation”.

No styles restriction were given and each artist in the following tracklist could send everything between deep Ambient and Speedcore that defines, in sound terms, the feeling of desolation.

The result of this conceptual release consists in 30 incredible beautiful tracks, gathered in 3 free downloadable virtual CD’s, covering a wide range of emotions and feelings attached to desolation. That compilation was then divided into 6 parts that could represent the steps of a desolating situation

This compilation means a lot for me and for Chase Records net label and I sincerely hope people will enjoy it as much as I did when I collect those incredible tracks representing every kind of dark or hard electronic music.

Please download and share this compilation everywhere! Plug your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy the trip through desolation!

Download Chase 040 (incl. 320kbps MP3 and Flac files) : 320 Kbps MP3Flac


CD1 :
PART 1 : Calm Before The Storm [Ambient – Dark Ambient – IDM – Dubstep – Industrial]
01 – Larsp : Ritournelle
02 – Bunk Data : Granite Shelves
03 – Somtek : Desolation
04 – Babylon Disco : Manwise
05 – Nano.strike : Humanity At Random

PART 2 : Early Warning Signs [Drumfunk – Dubstep – Industrial – Slow Breaks – Techno]
06 – Nic TVG : Some Persons Change
07 – CrepusculaR : Sterile Certainty
08 – Syndrôm : De La Stychnine Pour Taire Sa Désolation
09 – Capslock : Omnicide
10 – Seahorse Drivers : Die Letzte Linie Fiel Im Morgengrauen

CD2 :
PART 3 : The Tempest [Darkstep – Drum’n’bass – Hardcore – Breakcore]
01 – Arkon : Devouring Of The Insects
02 – Hyena : Papa Damballah
03 – The Acolyte : Apartment 49
04 – Arrhythmia : We Have Forgotten
05 – Dead By Silence : This Place Is Evil

PART 4 : Destruction [Industrial – Hardcore – Breakcore – Terror]
06 – Edgeist : Wreck
07 – Mental D-struction : Disturbed, Distressed, Distorted
08 – CEP2plet : The Sanctuary Of Memories
09 – letoprocess : Dead Bastard
10 – Tale twist : Fighting To Get Out

CD3 :
PART 5 : Wastelands [Ambient – Dark Ambient – Drone – IDM]
01 – Syndemic : Windchild
02 – Synaptic Necropolis : Glacial Asylum
03 – Druid Moss : Frozen Tears
04 – Tzii – To Infinity AnD Beyond
05 – Paradeigma : Exerpts Destroyed Nights

PART 6 : A New World [Ambient – IDM – Industrial – Glitch – Abstract Hip-Hop]
06 – Buben : Sounds Of Night Garden
07 – FluiD : Angels
08 – Hypnozyl : Entrophin
09 – Nick R 61 : Emigrant
10 – WSicko : Somewhere Else


Archive Details Page (incl. ‘flac’ format link)
Discogs Page
Chase 040 on SoundShiva
Chase 040 on LastFM
Chase 040 on Dogmazic
Chase 040 on Jamendo
01.04.2010 – FF präs. FLASH FINGARZ NIGHT 2 @ M-Bia – Berlin
Starts: Fre. 01 Apr, 2011 – 23:59
flash fingarz 2
Ort: 10178 Berlin
Strasse: Dircksenstr.123/124_Ecke Karl-Liebknechtstr.
Location: M-Bia Club
Start: 23:59 Uhr


hardcore – gabba

Fast Eddy  (flashfingarz)
Schüler (flashfingarz)
Heavy (flashfingarz)
Task (flashfingarz)
Beavyz (flashfingarz)
Lehmi (flashfingarz)
Neuf (ingoma squad, pilzen/CZ)
Londa (ff)

Techno – Minimal

Userkiller (tresor)
microCharge (ff)
Alex.Gee (ff)
Chris Friend (ff)
Turff (gtp)

02.04.2011 – Brainstorm vs. From the Deep @ Rote Flora Hamburg
Starts: Sam. 02 Apr, 2011 – 23:00

Brainstorm vs. From the Deep²
Zwei Floors Hardcore, Doomcore, Industrial, Noise (und was uns sonst noch einfällt)
Line-Up Halle:
Toxic Garden
Mono No Aware
les états multiples de l’être
Audible Pain

Line-Up Keller:
Machine Man
Moleculez (live)
Rod Bolts
Stan Grewzell (live)

Wo: inner Flora, Mann!
Wann: o2.o4.2o11
Und: 22:00-?
Eintritt: 5€

Starts: Sam. 16 Apr, 2011 – 23:00



BART HARD (not your monkey not your robot) (nl)

RIOTEER (live) (crack beats) (nl)

CAPSLOCK (live) (ketacore) (nl)

NANO.STRIKE (live) (not your monkey not your robot) (nl)

TRAUM.A (djane) (

LE ROUAGE LYTIQUE (live) (freak animals)

SAHID ROUAGE (freak animals)

pa: a_sound
visuals: LT

soli for disruption.

DISRUPTION is the usually deliberate or intended interruption of normal work or practice. information security specialists also may refer to a disaster as a DISRUPTION when an event interrupts normal business or technical processes.
our plan is to establish a politically motivated magazin, offset printed once or twice a year. it would be nice if the content could be widely varried, like photos, collages, drawings and columns with a also widely varried political context. our political focus will be in direction of queer, feminism, antisexism and antiracism. we pick up for each issue a specific theme, the content will be in different languages. more details soon, watch out for the subdomain at FA, who will follow in the next 2-3 months.


Official site

Contact : dancecorps[at]


Annoying Ringtone @ HipHipHurrave 26-02-11.mp3

DOWNLOAD (right click & save target as…)

(download may start with delay, please wait 30sec before trying again)


Tracklist :

FFF – Want to know (unreleased)
FFF – Can i share my house (endor recordings)
FFF – Stand up (murder channel)
FFF – Weekend
FFF – In – out (unreleased)
FFF – Your time is up (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
FFF – Brighter day (unreleased)
Dj Technorch – Boss On Parade (FFF remix) (999 Recordings, Murder Channel Records)
FFF – The feeling (planet mu)
FFF – 20.000 hardcore members (murder channel)


FFF @ HipHipHurrave 26-02-11.mp3

DOWNLOAD (right click & save target as…)

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Contact LFO Demon


LFO Demon @ 1 Year RTF 17-12-10.mp3

DOWNLOAD (right click & save target as…)

(download may start with delay, please wait 30sec before trying again)


Hanin Elias “Get It Back”

Get It Back (CD) 2011 

Price: 12€
OUT on 20 MAY 2011 


1) GET IT BACK   feat. Marcel Degaz
2) DO YOU KNOW   feat. Diego Sagredo
3) YOU SUCK   feat. Mutfak
4) DEAD EYES  feat. Yeti Pop Star + Mismerizer
5) FUTURE NOIR Tying Tiffany Remix
6) MELANCOLIA   feat. Diego Sagredo
7) I WANT YOU   feat. Tikahiri
8 ) MONEY   feat. Diego Sagredo
9) NEW ORDER   feat. Vigilante
10) AXIS SHIFTING   feat. SinDaddy
11) DEAD EYES   Lorenzo Montanà Remix

About “Get It Back”

HANIN ELIAS, a living Icon of the 90ies, Riot Girl, Front Woman, Founding member of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and Labelfounder of Fatal Recordings. Now Hanin returns with a new album Called “Get it back”. The long-awaited and much anticipated album is a bridge between Elias’s familiar digital hardcore style and her newfound explorations in other genres.  This is a strong release with lot’s of interesting collaborations that happened over the last years of Hanin Elias absence from the music scene. While she lived in French Polynesia on a small island in the south pacific for 5 years she worked on new material with chilean musician Diego Sagredo (ICI) who invited her for shows in Santiago. Influences are widely spread and unpredictable as always. Hanin Elias wants her listeners to have an open mind and a open heart for all kinds of musical directions. On the Album we have the opener “Get it Back” with her guitarist and Bandmember MARCEL DEGAZ (Die Krupps), and also a new Version with the Berlin based Group MUTFAK of “You Suck”. Both songs are inspired by Electro, No Wave and Dubstep. Hanin Elias’s vocals take on new grace with the melodic, gothic workings of “Melancholia,” a fitting title for the somber, downtempo side of the album also found in TYING TIFFANY euphoric mix of 2001’s “Future Noir.”Dead Eyes” with VELVET UNDERWEAR’s YETI POPSTAR is a real danceflor smasher with covocalist MISMERISER from Paris ” The well known “Riot” girl side of the artist is reflected in songs like “Axis shifting” with SINDADDY and “Do You know!!!” with DIEGO SAGREDO has scream-rapping, an ode to her digital hardcore past. A collaboration with chilean based industrial artist VIGILANTE with the track “New Order” also shows that Hanin has still political messages in her music. “I want you” is a collaboration with a tahitian Band TIKAHIRI, very known in French Polynesia. This song has a very erotic vibe. The Song “Money” is a Flying Lizard Cover, absolutely cold and dancable! The Dead Eyes remix by LORENZO MONTANA’ and Hanin Elias was spontaneously created during the mastering process and became a new Version of the song that could be best described as ROCKSTEP . Hanin Elias 2011 comeback! is a strong euphoric one that not only reassures her place in industrial music history, but stands her apart from conventional examples with world- wide contributions that stretch from France, Tahiti, Chile, USA, Belgium Germany and Italy

Thematics - Seething Sounds From Sydney's Suburbs Special (2011) 

Artist: Thematics Radio
Title: Seething Sounds From Sydney's Suburbs Special
Style: Hardcore, Drum 'n' Bass, Breakcore, Speedcore
Size: 258MB
Bitrate: 320Kpbs

Hedonist - StepToe Rmx

Drunken Ninjas Of Torment - Live Set
1. New Beginnings
2. Malfunction
3. Ice Cream Sundae
4. Melted
5. Bored RMX Me I'm Not
6. Technically
7. When I get to Where I'm Going
8. Christmas Carol
9. MIDI Jam
10. The Machine That Became My Father
11. Same Routine
12. Screw Loose
13. Bending Spoons

Thabeast - Live Set
Mothball Z - Intro
Eject - Absent Human Behaviour
Geoff Da Chef - Incomplete
Geoff Da Chef - Quick Cup
Noize Generator - Genocide
Rage Reset - Chaos

Mr. 556a - I Kill D's
Tymon - Gucci
The Pilfernators - The Man With the Gun
Passenger Of Shit - Slice Your Rectum
Maladroit - Ante Up That Should Not Be Stylee


Antique Electronic / Synthesizer Greats 1955 – 1984 Part 1

catalogue no.:


1. Dacca Thermotensile Loony Smut Syst
2. Baba Rube Drone Lions
3. Ice Age Fire Loving Zool; Troy
4. Ramadan Greek Winter Trek (aka Coricidin)
5. Chicken Hypnotism
6. Abc Condom Motorist = Trunks Tony
7. Juanita Ciardelli
8. Basal Metabolic Rate Niggle Vishnu; Intr. Slur
9 . Cinema Isn’t Soul Sorn
10. Gomez Childs Shult
11. Gunner McRagburn
12. Dead Pink Sphere Pussy Envy
13. Leaf-Laden Amber Hued GUI
14. Abaca Cede, Love to Lie……… Iris Truly
15. Johnny Rocket-Ball
16. Endless Saccharic Acid Deed… Every Show Oozy
17. Calcium Cyclamate: Eighteen Helix Horn Worms
18. Arcjet Penhorn
19. Applebaum Watersnake
20. PPink Sun, Venial Gypsies
21. Where From Tape Deck Ked
22. Would You Say I Have A Plethora Of Piñatas?
23. Rick Santorum Smokes Salvia Divinorum
24 .Abadox
25. Québécoise Italo
26. Pierce Molten Dog Rose
27. The Acroplane Guide to Electronic Music Mix


Download options.

320kb/s MP3
Download tracks and mix together
Download tracks only

Download tracks and mix together
Download tracks only

Download tracks and mix together
Download tracks only


ACP077 Fluorescent Grey – Antique Electronic / Synthesizer Greats 1955 – 1984 Part 1

“Like G**lt**k for music geeks”
– Barret / RMS, 2010

“Perhaps within the next hundred years, science will perfect a process of thought transference from composer to listener. The composer will sit alone on the concert stage and merely ‘think’ his idealized conception of his music. Instead of recordings of actual music sound, recordings will carry the brainwaves of the composer directly to the mind of the listener.”
– Raymond Scott, 1949

In early 2010, what would eventually become Antique Electronic Synthesizer Greats was simply a concept for a live set. Fluorescent Grey, aka Robbie Martin, cut almost a thousand tiny samples and loops from works dating from 1955 to 1984, limiting his sources to strictly electronic and/or synthesized recordings. His rules allowed for non-synthesized compositions (e.g., Delia Derbyshire’s tape cutting based tones) as well as synthesizer audio of any kind, including the Hammond Novachord. And far from simply a stolen sample collage, or meta-mash-up project, Robbie wanted to allow the mix he composed to preserve and highlight the eras’ best sounds in a comprehensive backdrop. Some of those painstakingly found and excised snippets may be all but indiscernible to most, while some tease with their familiarity (Depeche Mode bass drum? YMO hi hat?), and some are nakedly in homage (synth lines from Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder). All are as playful as the puzzling track names, one of the most obvious of which are pieces that re-imagine the sound of John Carpenter’s best synth-centric movie scores. From the uneasy sounds of horror to the sweet spot of vintage synth-pop and industrial, to the brief satisfyingly bizarre vocal cameos by Alan Vega and a Spanish industrial/noise outfit, it runs the gamut of its chosen time period exhaustively.

One might wonder, why stop at 1984? or 1983 (the original cutoff)? In all honesty, the cut off year was first altered to make one Zoviet France record eligible. But why is it so important to draw the line in the early 80’s when many classic and important electronic albums came out between 1984-1990, Skinny Puppy’s Bites or DJ Pierre’s Acid Tracks. The answer is simple, until 1984 most music that was ‘electronic’ relied primarily on synthesizers. Around mid-1983 romplers/samplers become par the course. The techniques sent waves through the electronic music production circles and arguably diluted the powerful earlier sound of acts like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk (ie electric cafe). Maybe most notably, the Klaus Schulze album ‘Dig it’ that proclaims the death of a analog on it’s opening track. Additionally the rules were not set yet, before rave culture took hold there was a more playful less specific purpose to it all. Lending itself automatically to a more varied feel.

Given the uncannily nostalgic or modern moods evoked, it can be all too easy to forget that the entire mix is comprised solely of an endlessly rotating roster of up to 15 isolated loops, all at least a quarter of a century old, some twice that age. On some songs, you could imagine a DJ dialing into the sounds of AFX or Mr. Oizo, an amusing stunt for some of the source material sounds unmistakably dated in a way that has yet to be retrofetishized. Proto-electronica futurism captured in Chris Carter’s sequences or Morton Subotnick’s Autechre-like FM synth splatters, works that indisputably sound futuristic in their own right. Dated or not, the novelty factor of an overwhelmingly corny synth brass sample is sometimes too good to resist, making it nigh impossible to prevent that old fashioned sound from antiquing the whole mix.

more on

woensdag 16 maart

Super 8 one-reelers
Gezellig avondje met korte films!



Zaal open: 20.30 * Entree: passe-partout Go Short of 3 Euro
More info

vrijdag-zaterdag 18-19 maart

Extrapool tijdens Go Short
Tijdens het korte filmfestival Go Short organiseert Extrapool een tweedaags programma met films, muziek, poppentheater en performance!



Zaal open: 20.30 * Entree: passe-partout Go Short of 5 Euro
More info

zaterdag 26 maartCOPENHAGEN

Knust at Tryk Tryk Tryk in Copenhagen
Knust at the very first exhibition (“Print Cloud”) at Tryk Tryk Tryk in Copenhagen


Aanvang: 18.00
More info

dinsdag 5 april

Sightings, Bruno and Michel are smiling & Skipperrr
Psychedelic noise-rock


Zaal open: 20.30 * Entree: 5 Euro
More info

dinsdag 12 april

Mirror Trance Theater Aktion by Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky
launch celebration of Johann Kauth’s book freshly made at Extrapool / Knust


Zaal open: 20.30 * Entree: 3 Euro
More info

donderdag 14 april

Gabriëlle Barros Martins en Eli Keszler
Een avond met 2 intense soloconcerten; wervelwind-improvisatie van multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler en geconcentreerde zang gebaseerd op vogelgeluiden van Gabrielle Barros Martins


Zaal open: 20.30 * Entree: 5 Euro
More info

zaterdag 16 april
Eindbaas on tour
Vier energieke acts komen gewapend met game boys en DIY elektronica Extrapool onveilig maken. De avond eindigt met een afterparty in de Onderbroek.



Zaal open: 20.30 * Entree: 4 Euro
More info

zondag 17 april – LONDON

London Zine Symposium, The Rag Factory, London UK


More info

woensdag 20 april

Propaganda Symposium
Symposium over propaganda in de kunst georganiseerd door AKV | St. Joost in Breda met kunstenaar Jonas Staal en MA-student Thomas I’Anson


Zaal open: 18.00 * Entree: Gratis

donderdag 28 april

Brombron 23
Timo van Luijk en Dittrich von Eulers-Donnerspeg


Zaal open: 20.30 * Entree: 4
More info











Tweede walstraat 5 en 23
6511 LN Nijmegen




01. Infernal Noise & Quaver – Intro
02. Converter – Atlantis (1990 Re-Edit)
03. Venetian Snares – Gottrahmen
04. Bombardier – Possess
05. Combichrist – Feed Your Anger
06. Synapscape – Pop Killer
07. Svart1 – Der Schnitter
08. Converter – Ens
09. Somatic Responses – Strangulartk Robot
10. Low Entrophy – Abstrakt 2
11. Proem – At The Firey Abyss
12. Raaskalbomfukkerz – De Ballade Van De Tiende Maag (met Curse Ov Dialect)
13. Delta Files – Headache.dlt
14. Mimetic – Narbukh
15. Hypnoskull – Exit
16. I:Gor – Dirty Colours (Cdatakill Remix)
17. Proem – A Short Bit Before You go
18. Mechanism – Good Morning
19. Alesaparanoid – Sleeping Body
20. Cdatakill – Carwreck


01. CAPSLOCK – Highly Nervous Condition
02. Cypher – Frozen Boom Erection
03. Tapage & Meander – Subumbrella Dispute
04. Panic DHH – Reach
05. Imminent Starvation – Link Addiction
06. Stickhead – Tormental Beginning
07. Synapscape – Walls and Needels
08. Senking – Death Bt Drowning
09. Raum 107 – We Are The Lost
10. Converter, Asche & Morgenstern – Hyponotism
11. Tapage – Laboratory Panic Advise
12. Steve Shit – Second Bite
13. Freethinker – Nothing To Say
14. Hypnoskull – Speed 7
15. Synapscape – Kollberg
16. Noize Skillz – Contact