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Daily Archives: March 5th, 2011



Hour 01 By The Relic:

01. Hypnoskull – Machine Is Coming Down (Malfunction Remix By Converter)
02. Ophidian As Raziel ft. William F. DeVault – The Violence Of Indifference
03. Mono No Aware – Strategisch Wertvoll
04. Converter – Witch Huner
05. Raum 107 – We Are The Lost
06. Bombardier – Delusions Of Persecution
07. The Outside Agency & One Ear Bass – Metal Slug
08. Ophidian As Raziel – Groundwalker
09. Low Entropy – Acid Storm
10. Hypnoskull – Antimono (L-R Antipole Rock)
11. Control Failure – Diacetylmorphine Shoot
12. Somatic Responses – Gabicont
13. Ophidian As Raziel – Dormant Impulse
14. Terrorfakt – Welcome To Hell
15. Meander – Ghosting
16. Cubic Nomad – Bunker Soldiers
17. Mono Amine – Beyond The Status Quo
18. The Firm – French Pussy Revenger

Hour 02 By The Relic:

01. Iszoloscope – Le Dénominateur Commun (Remixed By Imminent)
02. The Firm – The Attribute Of Ponderation
03. The Emperator & Chromatic – Cracid
04. Koney – Ono Sendai
05. Dep Affect – Ruins Follow
06. Psycho-Rex – Breath Of The Chaff
07. Moleculez & Audio Revolt – The Rush
08. Promo – Day Of Anger
09. The Outside Agency & Tapage – Choice Mission
10. Hypnoskull – Dirtfunk Slam
11. Omkara Techichi – Twisted Defiance
12. The Firm – Tria Mera
13. Life::::Runs::::Red – Theta Break
14. ostoja – Show It And Run
15. Freethinker – Needle in The Brain
16. Tapage & Miss Twilight – Flood
17. Xeno & Conspiracy Monday – This Is Stealth (Forsaken Is Dead Rmx)
18. Moleculez & The Relic – Mechanically Induced Dreams

Hour 03 By The Relic:

01. N-Vitral – Return Of The Lofi Death Crew
02. Void Settler – Frog Frog Dingbat
03. Somatic Responses – T1X
04. Hypnoskull – Trivial Bang
05. Mono Amine – Encoutering No Resistance
06. Switch Technique – Exo
07. DJ Hidden – Earth Cry
08. The DJ Producer & Deathmachine – 10 Years Of Influence
09. Submerged vs Silent Killer vs Enduser – No Real
10. Somatic Responses – Meta Material
11. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique – Senseless Society
12. Enduser – Jane Doe
13. Sarin Assault & Fiend – Devil On Earth (Lost Deadline Remix by Mental Wreckage)
14. The Outside Agency & Current Value – They Are Human
15. Xanopticon – Pscicite
16. Sarin Assault – Taste Of Hell
17. Nano.Strike – Destroyer Lightbarer

Hour 04 By The Relic:

01. The Speedfreak – We Reload To Kill (Reloaded By Stormtrooper)
02. The Outside Agency – Waste Management
03. Negative A – Rock Hard (Sound Abuse Remix)
04. Jay Autopsy – Blunt Force Trauma
05. Lytton – Rip You Off
06. Freethinker – Hardcore Sucker
07. The Outside Agency – Destruction
08. Deceiver & Ophidian – Laptop Duel
09. The Peoples Republic Of Europe – Bionic Funk
10. Deathmachine – Inverse Serenity
11. Ronin – Today I Will Be Your Supervisor
12. Igneon System vs Homeboy – Respect The Strength
13. Spitting Vitriol – Speakerkiller
14. Enzyme X – Kegadoru
15. 8cylinder – Suffer Not The Unclean To Live
16. Ophidian – Strichnine
17. The Outside Agency – The Flux Capacitor
18. Low Entropy – Starting Up


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – From The Stairwell


TKDE are a project which has always been tied to films. Films are luxurious because they dispose of all these boring, unimportant, and trivial parts of our lives. This allows them to fully control our sensations, to put us in a very specific mood. Joy and sadness are occasionally OK, endless joy or endless sadness are clinical. But there is one sensation which can be persistent and unconditionally bearable at the same time. In the absence of a better alternative, let’s call it “the mood”. The mood is what TKDE are aiming at. The mood.

The mood is infinite and illimitable, but not uniform and unique. On “From The Stairwell”, TKDE deliver eight new incarnations of the mood. Stairwells have always been intriguing. They appear to unavoidably lead you to your destination, but they only disclose the path bit by bit. What lies far ahead of you and far beyond you is hidden in the shadows. The stairwell could just as well be infinite. You climb up this murky stairwell, passing by many doors. Every door contains a variation of the mood, a short film, a song. You open the first one, “All Is One”. The evaporating mist discloses a large and empty room with a barstool in the middle. On the barstool, a chanteuse from the roaring twenties. Her voice starts to trigger vibrations of the ground, the walls start spiralling around her, but she remains untouched in the eye of the storm. Second room, “Giallo”. Sly guy, telling smile, nice suit. Walking down the streets in the dusk. The ambience starts to get out of phase, the guy stumbles in horror while blending with the surrounding to a brown soup. Fourth room. “Cocaine”. Naked people with pig heads crawl on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling. They try to hopelessly suck up the white dust which covers every single piece of this room and is constantly spit out by tubes coming out of the walls. Dissonant sounds accompany the work of this desperate hive. As the people manage to counteract the tubes, fragile melodies start to overpower the dissonances. Sixth room, “Cotard Delusion”. Baby morphing into a black fluid morphing into an old man which turns his eyes inwards and finds his inside to be completely empty. The journey up the stairwell, down the stairwell, continues. The pictures fill your head and make you forget where you wanted to go in the first place.

“From The Stairwell” is a surprise and a logical step at the same time. It is a surprise because the songs are far less beat-driven in comparison to TKDE’s earlier works, and even contain a few hopeful tints here and there. It is a logical step because in the end each song turns to have a very diverse dramaturgic flow. This could raise the conjecture that TKDE, initially started out to make music for existing and non-existing films, wanted to incorporate the audiovisual impression completely into songs, making the films superfluous. At times, “From The Stairwell” makes you think of 60’s soundtracks, but the organic feeling of those is always interwoven with mechanical elements. Altogether, every single of the numerous details present in TKDE’s new songs feels to be at the right place and you can either just dive into the mood or pick one of the many aspects and enjoy it on its own – be it Gideon Kiers’ beats & fx, Jason Kˆhnen’s bass & piano, Hilary Jeffery’s trombone, Charlotte Cegarra’s voice & piano, Eelco Bosman’s guitar, Nina Hitz’ cello, Sarah Anderson’s violin, or – appearing as guest musicians – EirÌkur ”li ”lafsson’s trumpet and Coen Kaldeway’s saxophone & bass clarinet.

1. All is One 05:22
2. Giallo 06:01
3. White Eyes 08:28
4. Cocaine 11:28
5. Celladoor 07:16
6. Cotard Delusion 05:46
7. Les Étoiles Mutantes 06:17
8. Past Midnight 12:02

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