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fuck off soundsystem present :

the 10th anniversary of Geisha Noise Research Group

@ trash n core 4

raum 20 berlin ( s-station sonnenallee)

darkcore speedcore splitter floor:

egnal ramd

Geisha Noise Research Group

Company Fuck



prof. caos


more soon

hardtek experimentel floor :

ZETT ES/baTesvoices__(DD)




The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience … re=related

genus inkasso … iv-SplitEp

and others

this is just an preadvice more details soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011 sees the 10th anniversary of the UK noise rock turned splittercore nightmare known today as Geisha Noise Research Group. Locked in a practice room all summer long in 2001 three young men with time to kill and nothing but their Big Black, Black Flag, DHR and Merzbow records for company, this generally unloved, but unperturbed mutant hell beast was born. Releasing records on SuperFi, Crucial Blast, Blood Red Sounds and more recently Splatterkore, Geisha Noise Research Group have toured extensively, missed out every major fashion in favour of a pureness of vision: Absolute immersion – information overload – total brutality.

fight nuke !!!!!!!!!!!! fight Fascism !!!!!!!!! fight gmo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … 1Dj1VaN1g0

no core for nazis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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