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Bangface Weekender [LIVE]

FFF – Queen Vic Tropical Mayhem
Hoonboy – 20 years of rave

Here are both of the fantastic mutant jungle sets from Thom and Tommy at this year’s Bangface Weekender.

FFF – Queen Vic Tropical Mayhem

01. Munchi – Shottas (FFF remix) [T & A records]
02. FFF – Kill a champion sound! [Murder Channel]
03. FFF – Wanna know [Unreleased]
04. FFF – Stand up [Murder Channel]
05. FFF – In – Out [Unreleased]
06 .FFF – On a mission [Unreleased]
07. FFF – Torturing soundbwoy [Murder Channel]
08. FFF – Takin’ it to the streets [Jigsore]
09. FFF – Ease the presure [MIndbender]
10. FFF – Give the dj a break [Unreleased]
11. FFF – The feeling [Planet Mu]

Hoonboy – 20 Years of Rave

01. The Prodigy – Out of Space [Hoonboy’s No Good Edit]
02. Fat Controller – Incomplete Darkness
03. Under Mi Sensi (X-Project Remix)
04. Big Bad and Heavy
05. Aphrodite – Stalker
06. Soundmurderer – Call Da Police
07. DJ Hype – Super Sharp Shooter
08. Top Cat – Burn the Sensi
09. DJ Heretic ft Top Cat – Scalp Dem
10. Urban Shakedown – Arsonist
11. Psychofreud – Murda Dem
12. Amen Andrews – London
13. 16 Armed Jack – Valley of the Shadows Remix
14. Noisia – Block Control ft. Cutty Ranks
15. Hoonboy – ‘Erb
16. Krumble – Time to Burn ft. Cutty Ranks
17. Johnny Clash – Movement
18. Tech Diff – Eat. Drink. Fuck.
19. Tech Diff – Snap Snap Aleph [Hoonboy’s Even Less Good Edit]

A note from Hoonboy:

I learnt a few lessons from this show. The main one being that once you get past a certain speed of performance, Ableton seems a bit flaky at capturing all of the control data accurately. As a result there are some instances in this recording where the drums are out of time. This did not occur in the performance, but as a result of the behaviour during bouncing of the Reaktor instruments I use to sequence and improvise my drum parts. Maybe next time I should take a leaf out of Tommy’s book and just use an audio recorder. Anyway, enjoy this set. It is 97% as good as the show I played – which ain’t bad by all accounts ;)

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