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This amazing group of talented artist throughout the globe have come together to rinse the bass bins, and meet the carnage that is NEW YORK CITY!! BAR][CORE have been rinsing the streets and infecting every localoid into attending this massiv events consisting of some of the best and highest reputable artist’s this scene has to offer!

This installment will comemorate the landing of dearest friends from france, MONSTER X & KRUMBLE will take stage in NEW YORK CITY, along the likes of XANOPTICON & LADYSCRAPER both whom have destoryed our parties in the past, and NEW YORK’s finest RAXYOR and DIGIT216!@#$

The vinyl was pressed in quanity of 500 limited edition from London!

# Artist Track Length
1. KRUMBLE [FR] New Track 4:02
2. MONSTER X [FR] New Track 5:15
3. RAXYOR [USA] New Track 3:33
4. LADYSCRAPER [UK] New Track 4:11
5. XANOPTICON [USA] New Track 3:38
6. DIGIT216 [USA] New Track 2:58
Entire Album 23:37

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