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Tracklist :01 Mechakucha – We Have Never Leaved
02 Nevermind – Lacerator Rmx (Original By Lacerator)
03 Hellseeker – Belligerence
04 Rotello – We Wont Miss U (GFB Remix)
05 Paranoizer – Terminal Damage
06 Noizefucker – Utopia
07 AngerNoizer – Cunts For Shitwhore
08 R10T33R – Warten auf Edith
09 Hellseeker – Chipcore
10 Earfist vs. Svartalfheim – The Terrorist Theme
11 Hellseeker – Blackened Horizon
12 Eustachian – My Name is Roar Roar
13 Hellseeker – Blissful Silence (Vocals By Nikkita)
14 HKV – Machinegunphonk
15 Zombieflesheater – Slaughter Of Darkness
16 Hellseeker – The Art Of Destruction
17 Mechakucha – Unaible To Launche Daemon [Soci4bility]
18 Terminal 11 – Birds (Eustachian Remix)
19 GFB – Cold War (Hellseeker Remix)



  1. Hello all. Strange to leave a comment that is more a question but I couldn’t find any other contact. I am trying to find a website that I had visited a year or two ago. It was a (I think, very large) archive of breakcore tracks left behind by an artist that had passed away. I have the image of green text on a black screen. I can’t remember the artists name but I think he/she was based in Holland. I’ve googled and gone through a number of your links but nothing comes up. Do you have any ideas? Thanks. Very rich site!

  2. hi wj,

    I know one archive site that’s green & black, but it’s not really breakcore, more speedcore & the artist still lives, but discontinued his musical project many years ago, but most likely it is this website:

    let me know if it was the site you were looking for 🙂


    bart hard / breakcoreworld

  3. I’m afraid that it isn’t the site but I appreciate your efforts and your reply very much. I could go on about the little things I remember about the site I’m looking for but I am almost certain there was a small obit along with the music. Maybe it’s just not maintained anymore? You came very close based on my description though – a wonderful resource you are. Again, thank you!

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