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[Chase 044] System Error : “Blowfish – Cyberworld”

Hailing from Ukraine, System Error is a young and yet talented Drum’n’bass producer who started his career in 2008. For Chase 044, he delivers two serious heavy Drum’n’bass tunes, influenced by Neurofunk stuff and the Techstep / Techno DNB as well. This release results in two well produced head banging tracks, with round basses and sharp programming, available for free download in 320 kbps MP3 and Flac. Killer!

Tracklist :

01 – Blowfish (5 :29)
02 – Cyberworld (5 :18)

Release under Creative Commons Licence.

As usual, this EP can be downloaded for free by following the download links below

Chase 044 – System Error : “Blowfish – Cyberworld” [MP3 320 kbps – Full Album Zipfile, incl. Artwork] …

Chase 044 – System Error : “Blowfish – Cyberworld” [Flac – Full Album Zipfile, incl. Artwork]: …

Mirror links :
Sonic Squirrel :
Mininova (Torrent) :

This release is also available :
Last FM

Links :
System Error (Ukraine) :

Chase 044 release page :
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