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Daily Archives: August 19th, 2011


TITLE: Super Kawaii Lolicore Party Raving Fun-Time

1. Laddy Gag
2. Lasha Tumbai Hardcore
3. Smurf Raving
4. Super Kawaii Lolicore Party Raving Fun-Time
5. Mango Kom Igen Nu
6. Go To Bed
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Hudson Mohawke - Satin Panthers

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers



A1 Octan
A2 Thunder Bay
A3 Cbat
B1 All Your Love
B2 Thank You



¥792.2 hecq. avenger – special edition. cd-boxset. september2k11.


bête noire *.mp3
elliott calls (interim) *.mp3
with angels *.mp3
pulverized *.mp3
bane *.mp3
shutter *.mp3
lynn and nicolas call (interim) *.mp3
nihilum *.mp3
suture (with matta) *.mp3
reprise *.mp3
bane (septic insurgent remix) *.mp3
with angels (trifonic remix) *.mp3
bane (architect remix) *.mp3
nihilum (anxst remix) *.mp3
bête noire (deadfader remix) *.mp3

paintings by saner
graphic concept and layout by salt
mastered at dubplates & mastering

avengers assemble!

the avengers are earth’s mightiest heroes, formed to fight the dastardly foes that no single hero could withstand. and just like they are the most prestigious and powerful super-hero team in the world, hecq became one of the most highly regarded artists and sound designers in the electronic music scene during the last years.

with avenger, enthusiastic listeners knowing his past work will discover the facet of ben lukas boysen that he displays at his high-energetic live shows. this is his most powerful and pushing release – you could tell a hecq dropkick from a mile away. against mediocrity, tedium and stagnancy hecq fights a high octane battle based on the pitch-black of dubstep and ecstatic breakbeats. ten tracks of luminance and tension executed with the aid of sharp-cut sound splinters, enchanting chord themes and potent sub bass pulses expedited by ramming mind-bending drum beat blows and additionally charged with five remixes by septic insurgent, trifonic, architect, anxst and deadfader.

avenger will be released as a regular cd version and as a limited edition including a heavy duty wrestling mask with embroidered patch, sticker, button and separate patch. cd-packaging: 6panel dvd-sized digipak.

about the graphic artist:
saner is one of the most promising and talented artist in the mexican street art scene. his work is inspired in ancient and contemporary mexican culture as well as by death itself, and has been shown at galleries and museums in london, berlin, paris, madrid, barcelona, mexico city, los angeles and new york. trades like volcom, vans, kid robot or g-shock have also used saner’s artworks.
official webpage:
also available:
hecq. avenger. t-shirt. hymen records. ¥627
black t-shirt w/ frontprint: discharge print + black ink. painting by saner
sizes: S, M, L, XL, one-sized girlie-shirt
hecq discography. 08.2011:
avenger. cd. hymen records ¥792. 2011
spheres of fury (w/ exillon). 12″. contortion cont001-1. 2011
sura. 12″. ad noiseam adn128. 2010
steeltongued. 2cd. hymen records ¥772. 2009
golden pines. cd-r. binkcrsh bk039. 2008
night falls. cd. hymen records ¥767. 2008
zetha. 12″. onpa 003. 2007
0000. cd. hymen records ¥758. 2007
bad karma. cd. hymen records ¥748. 2005
scatterheart. cd. hymen records ¥742. 2004
a dried youth. cd. kaleidoskop kal003. 2003

hecq webpages:

remixers webpages:
septic insurgent:
trifonic: +
daniel myer: +
anxst: +

Passenger Of Shit - Surfin Down The Dunny

Passenger Of Shit – Surfin Down The Dunny

Vinyl, 12″

A1 Finger My Twat

Vocals – Stella Rabbit

A2 Slicing Up Ya Prick

Vocals – Stella Rabbit

A3 Mutilated Phallus

Vocals – Stella Rabbit

B1 Juice From My Ass

Vocals – Stella Rabbit

B2 Drown My Prick In Dunny Water

Vocals – Shitting Whore

B3 Rotting Ass Feild

Limited Edition Single of Passenger Of Shit SURFIN DOWN THE DUNNY

out now!

Wild 086 – Data Shit – Reconstruction Deformation
[IDM / Breakcore / ELectronica]

Wild 086 – Data Shit – Reconstruction Deformation
Material Recorded In 2011. Released in co-operation with : Chase, NTR, Mental Arrested, Subspine, ESF, TFR & Sayona. or