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Xrin Arms – “Human Hallucinogen” (grndthvs001)

Here it is folks! Debut release on the new GRNDTHVS label from the beast known as Xrin Arms. “Human Hallucinogen” is the sonic equivalent of eating a bag of mushrooms and bar hopping through the 1960s rock’n’roll scene and the 1990s hiphop scene while burning bibles and slanging crack rocks to priests and nuns. Not quite an album, not quite a mixtape, “Human Hallucinogen” is thirteen tracks of honest lyrics over rustic rhythms that paint real pictures and tell real stories; a seemingly long lost art form in the world of hip hop today.

Xrin Arms – “Human Hallucinogen” (grndthvs001)

01 – Xrin Arms – “Xr World”
02 – Xrin Arms – “Sailing Stones”
03 – Xrin Arms – “Bordello Soiree”
04 – Xrin Arms – “Frozen Poems”
05 – Xrin Arms – “Horse Hair”
06 – Xrin Arms – “Magical Hatred”
07 – Xrin Arms – “Russian Leather”
08 – Xrin Arms – “Human Stuffing”
09 – Xrin Arms – “Killing For Satan”
10 – Xrin Arms – “Cheap Honesty”
11 – Xrin Arms – “Light Bulbs”
12 – Xrin Arms – “Burning Churches”
13 – Xrin Arms – “Memento Mori”

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