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!!! – 100% LIVES – !!!

Noize Creator (Ger) – Suburban Trash Industries
Will perform an oldskool breakcore set

Eiterherd (Aut) vs VJ Duodroume (UK) Live A/V set – Widerstand
Breakcorelegend vs Cinema destruction visuals celebrating 15 years of Widerstand Records 1995-2011!!

Goretech (UK, Ex-Terrorhate) – Marionette Records
No Gods, No Visas – European Tour, Brutal Deathstep Breakcore and Gabba

Audiotist (BE, Ragga Terror Front)
Breakcore-8bit-Hardcore from Bruhhe

Saper (BE)
Just known by people older than 25, oldskool breakkor

Shiteknob (BE)
New Belgian breakcoretalent, first gig 

23h till 06

No wankers – no racists – no dogs!


  1. Extra: CAPTAIN AHAB (usa) added to the line up!!!!

  2. Looking forward for this. Have never been to Ghent, and no good parties happening in London.

    gabi dwo

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