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Daily Archives: September 17th, 2011

Biochip C.
「Different Horizons Mix-Series」

Part 01  UK-Hardcore  [Download]
Part 02  Freeform  [Download]
Part 03  UK-Electro-Hardcore   [Download]
Part 04  Freeform   [Download]
Part 05  UK-Vocal-Hardcore(Xtra Cheese)
Part 06  UK-Hardcore [Download]
Part 07  Freeform
Part 08  UK-Hardcore  [Download]

To be continued!

King Deluxe brings us a new collaboration in their ongoing 2999 project, with Terminal 11 soundtracking the future and shichigoro-shingo illustrating it to life.

Also, we’re just a week away from the release of Mass, the debut of UK artist Vaetxh.  Included in the EP are remixes from Culprate, Dead Fader, Subjex, Circuit Bent and Woulg.  But also still fresh is Horizon Glow from Option Command, which is getting plenty of raves and you can still grab the 192 version for no charge.

King Deluxe is also in love with motion pictures… theu have a very cool Vaetxh animation on the way this weekend, and last month they featured Lukas Vojir’s video for “Woman”… however now focus your attention on this exquisitely bizarre creation by Nnnic Wilson for the Montgomery Clunk/Fancy Mike tune “Captain Nero”…