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Daily Archives: September 24th, 2011

Friday 14th October 2011


– Hexadecimal Hardcore – Unhealthy Breakcore – Suffering Speedcore Drone –

DJ Tense ( Industrial Strength ) Nyc-Berlin
Kirdec ( Syrphe ) Berlin
Bad reputation ( Project mayhem ) Antwerpen
Deathmaker ( Provokation ) Montreal
Santissima Virgen Maria ( Off me nut/Days of the Droids ) Segovia
Sim on kor Funkle ( M.o.k. /Berzerk-Produkts ) Berlin
Lain ( Audioactivity ) Berlin

*DJ TENSE [Speedcore]
Aka Hellz Army, from New York City and recently moved to Berlin, the sound engineer from legendary Industrial Strength label is gonna mutate the dancefloor to a nightmare with his wicked and experienced art of record spinning.

*KIRDEC [Noise/experimental]
Always in research for weird and dark exotic sounds, the unstoppable traveller C-drik aka Kirdec controls the ambiance to make sure you fall into a threatening world still with some hope.

*BAD REPUTATION [Hardcore/Terror]
dustrickx and Johnny Pepp have been warming the turntables of Antwerpen underground scene for a decade with a smashing talent that will make your knees moving like a gabba punk! … 9469222466

*DEATHMAKER [Hardware Hardcore]
How to catch a guy who was yesterday in Montreal, is today in Berlin and tomorrow will be in freaking fukushima? Expect some banging hardware wired hardcore with no boundaries!

House and dance beatmash and proper fresh kicks are brought in a religious light to you from spain to Berlin by this corrupted god sent.

*SIM ON KOR FUNKLE [Holy Gabba Breakcore]
On a holy crusade around the continents in the seek for the ultimate kick for almost 10 years, this subwoofer destructor is gonna raise hell with his intricate drumprogrammed ultra violent religious gabber. … 8738249611

*LAIN [Neurotic drone speedcore]
Originaly from Geneva subculture, now definitely stranded in Berlin, the speedcore shepperd is gonna lead the lost minds to a dark universe of mental speedcore and deep drone waves.

LOCATION : KILI CLUB, Wiesenweg 5-9, BERLIN ( F-Hain )

TIME : 23h to 07h

ENTRANCE : 4€ to 6€

Artists starts from the beginning, so come early to support and leave late and wasted!

There will be a small merch table from Syrphe and Berzerk-Produkts distro with Cd’s, Vinyls, T-shirts etc…

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