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Void Settler
Swamp Rat
Swamp Rat


Backed by his Labyrinth and Sandling moniker, this
mindset trio unfolds another trip along the alternative of electronic sounds.

Pieced together with precision, Djarvi Moris travels into the gloom and takes the listener for a ride. A journey into
the gallows comprised of deep sounds and dirt all-around. Vocal deterioration, glitch extraordinaire and thick beats drumming the shattered pieces together.
a collection of 8 tracks packed in digital form. Set solo or as a whole, each tune sparks
imagination. Without conforming to genre, Djarvi Moris has layered a new inspiring scheme of sounds into a must-hear release.


1 Void Settler – The Gallows (As From ‘The Hanging of Marquelez’
2 Sandling – The Dirt
3 Labyrinth – Journal of a Spirit Mountain
4 Void Settler – Hydraulic Ringtail Smudge
5 Sandling – Nomadirr
6 Labyrinth – Candelabra
7 Void Settler – Swamprat. Swamprat Indeed
8 Sandling – Truhl Marketiere


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