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ImageNow in its seventh consecutive year since the initiation in 2005, the Elevate Festival will once again open its doors from October 21st to October 26th 2011 and continue on with its unique concept of combining a plethora of diverse musicians and performance artists with political discourse, documentary film screenings and live discussion panels inviting speakers from all over the world.

The preparations for this year’s festival with the topic Elevate the 21st Century” are in full swing. The tour has already been successfully. The official website of the Elevate Festival 2011 with the video teaser introducing this year’s topic is online. Detailed information about all participants (discourse, music, literature, music talks, lab) can be found in German and English language, as well as tour dates and general information about the festival.

The Elevate mp3 podcast was also started and you can subscribe here.

With discussions, presentations and workshops alongside the Austrian premiere of four documentaries the Elevate Festival bearing the slogan “Elevate the 21st Century” will start on Thursday, October 20th in Graz. Johan Galtung from Norway, the “father of academic peace-research” current chairman of Greenpeace International, Kumi Naidoo, and filmmaker and two-time Sundance Festival Winner, Ondi Timoner, are just some of the renowned guests, who will reflect upon ideas and expectations of life in the future that existed in the past century, as well as shed light on visions which have a large potential to shape our future.26 Events will feature debates on the fast pace of change in these days of technological advancement and the dangers of the multiple crises situations such as labour and manufacturing in the 21st century. Elevate gives visitors the opportunity to actively discuss topics during the event. Alongside the Elevate Media Channel (live video streams of the festival), a new microblogging system has been implemented.

The programme, including the guest list can be found here

The official hashtag for the 2011 festival is: #E11festFor more information visit:
Follow Elevate: @elevatefestival

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