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Monthly Archives: December 2011

DJ Hidden & Broken Note / Niveau Zero & Balkansky – Existence / Obey – adn155


ImageFour confirmed, veteran Ad Noiseam artists and a myriad of versions, edits and corrections ping-ponged between all of them. “Existence” and “Obey” are the carefully laid-out, detailled and fresh results of musicians having fun with each other’s material and proving how at ease they are with both dubstep and drum’n’bass. DJ Hidden’s sharpness, Broken Note’s epic proportions, Niveau Zero’s clever open-mindedness and Balkansky’s meticulousness: yes they managed to pack all of this in these two highly cohesive tracks. A must-have for anybody into any of these acts. Get this on 12″ / as digital files

Four artists, two tracks, and two pairings of some of the most insidious and powerful dubstep and drum’n’bass gathered on one record.

The meeting-up of two high profile but very distinct producers, “Existence” is, by any standard, a beats of a track. Combining the clinically sharp and melodic drum’n’bass of DJ Hidden with the organic basses and monstrously detailed sound assemblage of Broken Note was a tour-de-force for both parties. Here is a tune that went through countless versions, the artists ping-ponging with beats, drops and low frequencies. The result paid off, as “Existence” is almost a genre in itself, from its hypnotic intros to the staccato oscillations of its bassline. Played out by both DJ Hidden and Broken Note at recent concerts, the fruit of this long alchemical process has proven to be an exhilarating, deadly one.

On the flip side, Balkansky & Niveau Zero’s collaboration is another carefully planned effort of two producers with different techniques. Started as an experiment right before an Ad Noiseam night in Paris during which both acts were playing, “Obey” is, just like “Existence”, the result of a Niveau Zero’s epic dubstep colliding with Balkansky’s gritty one (and Cooh’s infectious drum’n’bass). Both carried by a rich melody and broken by sudden drops and edits, this track is heaven for head-bangers and thrashers with its abysmal bass and constant changes.

Much has been written about the combination of hard dubstep and dark drum’n’bass, and many tracks have been written to try to reconciliate both genres. With this record, though, it is the collaboration of confirmed, veteran artists which gave birth to the most cohesive and efficient hybrid of these styles to date.




DJ Hidden
Broken Note
Niveau Zero


Existence / Obey





Release date:

January 23rd, 2012

Tracklisting: A. DJ Hidden & Broken Note: “Existence”
B. Niveau Zero & Balkansky “Obey”

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Mastered at 4Be.

Information: DJ Hidden –
Broken Note –
Niveau Zero –
Balkansky –

Low Entropy - Doomcore Set 1
Style: Doomtechno, Doomcore, Hardcore
Runtime: 25:08
Low Entropy - Electronic 4
              Electronic 5
              Doomcore 2
              Doomcore 1
              Rave 6
              Rave 4
              Getting Faster 2


best wishes to you all!


Everything old is new again!


CLFST012 – STUNT ROCK – WHAT TO LEAVE OUT (Unreleased, Unfinished and Abandoned Songs 1997-2011) DOUBLE CASSETTE

53 songs of leftovers.  2 hours, 2 cassettes, one low price!  Featuring unreleased REGRET™ songs as well as tracks spanning 1997-2011.  Limited to 50 copies. Buy it here:


Where do we begin?  more so, how does it end…..or is the concept of beginning/ending just another simple idea of humanities need for categorization?   Have a Few Get Some ( marty frank and joshua jenquin ) have successfully rid themselves of the need for categorization with this latest and last installment of their Patrick Swayze inspired project.   After a long hiatus, HAFGS come back with one final dedication to what we’ll call an ICON and what they call THE NEW MESSIAH!!!!!   HAFGS captures the carreer and life of Patrick Swayze in such the way that they do what feels right in the moment, exploring a wider range of emotion and challenging their character.  Available on CD and Cassette.  Buy it here:

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Ringe Raja Records 010

[RRR010 A] Jahba – Breakdown @ the Big-top
[RRR010 AA] Scamp – Mechanical Temples

Release Date : 13.12.11


Artist Info :


Jahba started DJing in 1994. After several years as a successful DJ, he started producing full time in 1998. In 2003 Jahba caught the ear of breakcore giant Bong-Ra with his now classic Warpigz VIP, a mash-up version of Black Sabbaths original. It wasnt long before others started paying attention as well, with the birth of his ragga-jungle label Mos-Hi, and one of the most successful North American ragga-jungle releases to date Dem Nah Clash, plus the release of his long awaited Part-Time Revolutionary EP to kick off Bong Ras KRISS in 2005. Shortly after putting his cd Pabst Blue Riddim together and releasing it on his own Mos-Hi label, Jahba exiled himself from America and took to Europe with just his laptop and the dreads on his head. Spending some time in Cambridge, U.K., he met up with Life4Land, one of U.Ks best running jungle labels. Jahba joined forces with this international collective of extremely talented djs and producers who create their very own dark and experimental sound mixing jungle/ electronica and taking it to the next level. Meanwhile they are releasing records individually on various labels including their own Life4land Records. Jahba crosses all borders and boundaries in genres freely; mixing and mashing-up his own unique blend of jungle, ragga-jungle, and breakcore resulting in something he likes to call Gonzo Junglizm. Combining a full on assault of disturbed breakbeats and subsonic frequency genius with over ten years as a jungle dj, Jahba ensures a live set that will drive the whole crowd mad!


All works are licensed under Creative Commons:
Ringe Raja Records 2011 … 0472081508

Contact :

BildArtist : Autonon
Album : Song from Roomo 1
Cat number : KMTDR04
Label : Kaometry
Source : Mp3/Flac
Date : 15/09/2011
Genre : Orchestral / Breakcore

Songs From Room 1 is a dark and heavy matter. It is Breakcore but it stands by itself, without any obvious arrangements, with unexpected atmospheres and departures.
And no mercy at all.

Autonon wrote this four songs in a solitary and unique moment, a real private life spot producing four tracks with a specific weight much higher than what you could guess.
To give an image we’d better say he built the songs, releasing a mini-but-heavy concept that stands fiercely as a tower, a squared building with strong walls, and windows like thin wounds, hiding cellars, corridors, large halls and chapels.
Acoustic classical strings as well as medieval horns features all over the compositions, arranged in great equilibrium with all other instruments, developing the whole frame along with a masterly and real powerful drumming, drilling synths and killer bass-lines.
And no self-complaining, no sadistic imagery neither a mad giving up to fire everything. There are so many surprises in this monolith!

The opening fanfare of “Room 6” tells you immediately what kind of labyrinth you’re entering in. Track 2 “Cisplatin” is a furious battle but is timed around a dripping water drop, such a slow and inescapable rhythm. Following piece “Losing Identity” joins breakcore power with liquid percussions, distant choirs and the cut of a scissor, somehow – it’s undefinable how… – achieving the remote chance to handle quiet overtures into the hellish feeling that we’re close to the end of all things.
Once again with the last rack – whose title probably provides the most appropriate words for this work, “Faith And Suspicion” – opens with a gloomy melodica and in few steps turns into the best epic, desperate, dramatic neverthless hopeful closing tracks you could expect.

But then… not a simple joint for the two following remixes! How to enter the tower?
Stazma’s interpretation of “Losing Identity” is an hectic act opening with morbid percussion and then straight without breath, in great strain till the end.
In the end, like a bandit, he quietly lays down the horns, those distant and hieratic horns opening the whole release.
But it’s not the end. A different episode, a subtle circulation of meanings closes this Kaometry release: it is Najmal “revisitation” of the opening track, a brilliant work of cutting and slowing down operated on strings and beats, smart solutions from Kaometry’s breakcore strategist, with room enough for a minimal exit on piano.

Track Listing

01 – Room 6 (4:21)
02 – Cisplatin (4:31)
03 – Losing Identity (4:45)
04 – Faith And Suspicion (5:07)
05 – Losing Indentity (Stazma Kaometry Theory Remix) (4:07)
06 – Room 6 (Revisited by Najmal) (4:52)

Total Playing Time: 27:43 (min:sec)

All tracks written by Autonon.
Produced by Kaometry records.
Mastered by Stazma.
Artwork by Scabage.

KMTDR04. Kaometry records.
2011. Some right reserved.
Made in Germany.

This release is licensed under a creative commons attributions-noncommercial share alike license.

Download link :

Contact :

Kaometry records





C40 audio cassette – professionally duplicated – comes in 3 different colour shells with assorted 2-flap inlay – lim. ed. of 66 hand-numbered copies

out now

Guru Meditation, Kickstart 1.3, Arkanoid, Giana Sisters, Saddam Virus, Raytraced Sprites and of course The Soundtracker… Those were the good old days when 256 kB were enough to pretend to be Jean-Michel Jarre. It was back then, in the late 80s, that Laszlo P.S. started composing music on his Amiga 1000 under the Taciturne moniker (which would later become his hardcore techno pseudonym). These 30 mini-songs ranging from minimalist sinewave chiptunes to lofi-technowave-beat to freestyle EBM and even instrumental-free-jazzcore (!) are like the preverb of what would later become WERMUT and IWIK… It’s almost all there, even if it’s just 8-bit mono!!! File under: chiptune mayhem / giving Paula a bad time.

Side A
Xero Tolerance Opera I
Le Megatrack
Amiga Is Fun I
Amiga Tekkno O.D. mp3
The Return Of The Amiga Sound
Sinus 2000
At The Front mp3
Bizzelectrody mp3
Amiga is Fun II
Der General In Sonnenuntergang
Wanna Be A Can, Eddie?
UHT Test 2
Some Sinus I
Some Sinus II
UHT Sinus Symphony mp3
Pink Portavivaldi mp3
Leichenmatsch Of Death III

Side B
Cool Amiga Song I
Amiga Is Fun III mp3
Cavos In Sorrows And Happiness
Ein Prickelnder Vogel mp3
Cool Amiga Song II
Amiga Is Fun IV
Sinus 2001 mp3
Acidousance (radio edit)
(Ciel un) Kangourou
Some Sinus III
Wish It Was Mid 80
Xelo Tolerance Opera II

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)

twääng small

twääng // cut up comic book is out now

Format: Magazine, A5, 40 pages, b/w
Copies: 100

“This is the future! the underground sewer of the mutant city. the machine controls everything, but something is wrong. a crack of light appears. a peek into the inside of the universe or just the brain-spam of depraved mind? the superhero on the space-mofa takes a rollercoaster ride to find out and break free from eternal slavery. his evil twin in the tower of power always close, trying to stop him. but which one is the evil twin? they all look the same!”

order here (comic [at] sansculotte [dot] net) or at
5 euro + shipping











Hit ‘n Run Soundsystem presents: Circus Overdrive

Zaterdag 14 Januari is het eindelijk weer tijd voor een echt Hit ‘n Run Soundsystem feest!

Na vele Free-Party’s gaan we nu een feestje geven op een zekere en gloednieuwe lokatie, en wel Pand 14 in Amsterdam!

Omdat we voor muzikale variatie zijn maken we van deze mogelijkheid gebruik om alles te brengen wat we leuk vinden, en wel gespreid over twee zalen.

De bovenzaal zal gevuld worden met spacende Acid, meeslepende Tekno en knetterharde Underground Hardcore, en in de benedenzaal kan je genieten van de dikste Dubstep, rollende Drum ‘n Bass en vette Breakcore!

Zoals je gewend bent van Hit ‘n Run zal er veel aandacht besteedt worden aan zowel aankleding als geluid en line-up.
Zo zullen de visuals gebracht worden door de HnR VJ’s en gaat het HnR geluid aangevuld worden met wat extra speakers van Target Sound zodat je ouderwets uit je sokken geblazen wordt.

De entree zal op basis zijn van donatie om zoveel mogelijk bij het free-party gevoel te blijven.

De line-up is als volgt:

Boven: Acid, Tekno, Underground Hardcore
– Rinse (Live!) (Acid Anonymous)
– Leviathan (Cenobite Records)
– Collision (Obs.cur)
– Stefan ZMK (Live!) (ZeteMKa)
– Li-Z (Hit ‘n Run)
– War Is Inevitable (Hit ‘n Run)

Beneden: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Breakcore
– Sam-C (Dosis Decibel)
– King Pin (NYMNYR)
– Legion (Level)
– Greg D (Break A Leg)
– Corrupt Profile (Trauma)
– Vallen (Hit ‘n Run)
– D-cursed (Hit ‘n Run)

Visuals: Hit ‘n Run VJ’s

MC: died of a vocal overdose


Tijd: 22.00 – 05.00 (deuren geopend tot 02.00)
Lokatie: Pand 14, muntbergweg 14, 1011 ED Amsterdam

Entree: Donatie

Wednesday 14th of december

><<H▲UNTED H▲LL >><

Mushy (IT)
Cyndies (IT)
Ghédalia Tazartès (FR)
& dj set DE▲DC▲SINO (NL)

Adventistenkerk / Regentenkamer | Ticket: € 10,00 | Met X-Pass: € 5,00

Ghédalia Tazartès (FR) | 20.00 uur
De Franse stem-artiest Ghédalia Tazartès (1947, Parijs) is een nomade. In 1974 kocht hij een microfoon, een echo-tape en een tape-recorder en ontwikkelde sindsdien een eigen muzikale taal waarbij de stem centraal staat. Kleine percussie, primitieve elektronica, bandopnames en omgevingsgeluiden kenmerken zijn werk. Anno 2011 blijven concerten van Ghédalia Tazartès momenten om te koesteren. Tijdens State-X New Forms verzorgt Tazartès de live-soundtrack van Häxän (1922), een documentaire over de geschiedenis van de hekserij. Bereid je voor op een angstaanjagende audiovisuele ervaring met grafschennis, marteling, bezeten nonnen en satanisme.

The nomadic French vocal artist Ghédalia Tazartès (1947, Paris) has created an own musical language with the use of voice, percussion, primitive electronics and recordings. During State-X New Forms Tazartès makes a live soundtrack of Häxän (1922) a documentary on the history of witchcraft. A frightening audiovisual experience!édalia+Tazartès

Cyndies (IT) | 21.45 uur
De driemans-band Cyndies uit Milaan maakt post-industrial witchnoise, waarbij songtitels als Jesus Is Out en ‘Angelus Domini al aangeven dat de katholieke invloed in Italië nooit ver weg is. Cyndies klinkt tegelijkertijd atmosferisch en overweldigend en bracht dit najaar hun debuut Junkyard II uit via Phantasmas Disques.

This trio from Milan makes post-industrial witchnoise. Song titles such as Jesus Is Out and Angelus Domini show the catholic influence is never far away in Italy. The work of Cyndies sounds both atmospherical and overwhelming.

Mushy (IT) 22.30 uur
Valentina Mushy is een 26-jarige Italiaanse architect, grafisch designer en muzikant uit Rome. Haar nieuwe album Faded Heart is warmer dan de meeste industrial albums. Jagende, langzame stemgeluiden mengen zich met elektronica, synths en akoestische instrumenten.

Valentina Mushy is a 26-year old Italian architect, graphic designer and musician from Rome. Her new album Faded Heart has a warmer feel than most industrial albums. Haunting, slow vocals meet electronics, synths and acoustic instruments. A soundtrack for your nightmares…

▲NGST (NL) | 23.15 uur
is an audio visual Doomgaze project from Rotterdam.
Released 3 albums “Still grim up north”, “Beyond the realms of doom” (a collaboration with Fifth Era), “Untitled” (on Mater Suspiria Vision’s Phantasma Disques label) and an e.p “984” on the California based Tundra Dubs label. ▲ngst creates a moody sludge of reverb filled noise from beyond the realms of doom, creating a soundtrack for the accompanied visuals.