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Black Hoe Music Group presents
Tending The Garden Of Death: An Exhibition

“The long-awaited Black Hoe Recordings compilation “Tending the Garden of Death – An Exhibition” supplies a poisonous harvest of species representing the darker side of the drum n’ bass family as well as a few mutated relatives. Snaper, Nic TVG and Radical Motion offer sinuous vines of atmosphere surrounding glitched-out, thorny breaks rooted in deep, wallowing basslines. An assortment of invasive, lurching science experiments-gone-wrong have been released by the likes of ValkyR, Terry Artovsky & Malicious, Troops Of Doom & Halves, and I3orderlinE. The likes of Mystification and Egoshoota & Konkav, Cruize of Fiction, and Peter Kurten have spawned high-powered and heavily-armored phenotypes bent on the total annihilation of all life. True to Black Hoe form, this compilation embraces evil but doesn’t skimp on variety. Indeed it’s a testament to the resilience and adaptability of an eternally fertile combination: dark bass and wicked drums. Take a walk through the Garden of Death.”


Tracklist and clips by clicking on tracktitles:

01. Radical Motion – Diagnosis
02. Mystification – Show Me How To Cry (Egoshoota and Konkav Remix)
03. Troops Of Doom – Tension (Halves Remix)
04. Terry Artovsky and Malicious – Paralyzed
05. Snaper – You Don’t Know Me
06. Nic TVG – Robots Have Stephanie’s Headphones
07. l3orderlinE – Subconscious
08. Halves – Naughty
09. Cruize Of Fiction – Angst
10. Peter Kurten – Fucking Basstard
11. ValkyR – Underlife
12. Halves – Looking Glass
13. Mystification – Show Me How To Cry (Acoustic Version)

Check all the tracks compiled into a soundcloud set:

Pre-order Your copy now! CD’s will be available by Christmas week!

We’ve got a facebook ‘event attend’ page:

Digital download will follow in a few months after the cd release as well!

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Contact us via mail: migu[at]

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