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C40 audio cassette – professionally duplicated – comes in 3 different colour shells with assorted 2-flap inlay – lim. ed. of 66 hand-numbered copies

out now

Guru Meditation, Kickstart 1.3, Arkanoid, Giana Sisters, Saddam Virus, Raytraced Sprites and of course The Soundtracker… Those were the good old days when 256 kB were enough to pretend to be Jean-Michel Jarre. It was back then, in the late 80s, that Laszlo P.S. started composing music on his Amiga 1000 under the Taciturne moniker (which would later become his hardcore techno pseudonym). These 30 mini-songs ranging from minimalist sinewave chiptunes to lofi-technowave-beat to freestyle EBM and even instrumental-free-jazzcore (!) are like the preverb of what would later become WERMUT and IWIK… It’s almost all there, even if it’s just 8-bit mono!!! File under: chiptune mayhem / giving Paula a bad time.

Side A
Xero Tolerance Opera I
Le Megatrack
Amiga Is Fun I
Amiga Tekkno O.D. mp3
The Return Of The Amiga Sound
Sinus 2000
At The Front mp3
Bizzelectrody mp3
Amiga is Fun II
Der General In Sonnenuntergang
Wanna Be A Can, Eddie?
UHT Test 2
Some Sinus I
Some Sinus II
UHT Sinus Symphony mp3
Pink Portavivaldi mp3
Leichenmatsch Of Death III

Side B
Cool Amiga Song I
Amiga Is Fun III mp3
Cavos In Sorrows And Happiness
Ein Prickelnder Vogel mp3
Cool Amiga Song II
Amiga Is Fun IV
Sinus 2001 mp3
Acidousance (radio edit)
(Ciel un) Kangourou
Some Sinus III
Wish It Was Mid 80
Xelo Tolerance Opera II

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)

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