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Ringe Raja Records 010

[RRR010 A] Jahba – Breakdown @ the Big-top
[RRR010 AA] Scamp – Mechanical Temples

Release Date : 13.12.11


Artist Info :


Jahba started DJing in 1994. After several years as a successful DJ, he started producing full time in 1998. In 2003 Jahba caught the ear of breakcore giant Bong-Ra with his now classic Warpigz VIP, a mash-up version of Black Sabbaths original. It wasnt long before others started paying attention as well, with the birth of his ragga-jungle label Mos-Hi, and one of the most successful North American ragga-jungle releases to date Dem Nah Clash, plus the release of his long awaited Part-Time Revolutionary EP to kick off Bong Ras KRISS in 2005. Shortly after putting his cd Pabst Blue Riddim together and releasing it on his own Mos-Hi label, Jahba exiled himself from America and took to Europe with just his laptop and the dreads on his head. Spending some time in Cambridge, U.K., he met up with Life4Land, one of U.Ks best running jungle labels. Jahba joined forces with this international collective of extremely talented djs and producers who create their very own dark and experimental sound mixing jungle/ electronica and taking it to the next level. Meanwhile they are releasing records individually on various labels including their own Life4land Records. Jahba crosses all borders and boundaries in genres freely; mixing and mashing-up his own unique blend of jungle, ragga-jungle, and breakcore resulting in something he likes to call Gonzo Junglizm. Combining a full on assault of disturbed breakbeats and subsonic frequency genius with over ten years as a jungle dj, Jahba ensures a live set that will drive the whole crowd mad!


All works are licensed under Creative Commons:
Ringe Raja Records 2011 … 0472081508

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