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Everything old is new again!


CLFST012 – STUNT ROCK – WHAT TO LEAVE OUT (Unreleased, Unfinished and Abandoned Songs 1997-2011) DOUBLE CASSETTE

53 songs of leftovers.  2 hours, 2 cassettes, one low price!  Featuring unreleased REGRET™ songs as well as tracks spanning 1997-2011.  Limited to 50 copies. Buy it here:


Where do we begin?  more so, how does it end…..or is the concept of beginning/ending just another simple idea of humanities need for categorization?   Have a Few Get Some ( marty frank and joshua jenquin ) have successfully rid themselves of the need for categorization with this latest and last installment of their Patrick Swayze inspired project.   After a long hiatus, HAFGS come back with one final dedication to what we’ll call an ICON and what they call THE NEW MESSIAH!!!!!   HAFGS captures the carreer and life of Patrick Swayze in such the way that they do what feels right in the moment, exploring a wider range of emotion and challenging their character.  Available on CD and Cassette.  Buy it here:

BUY BOTH FOR $20.00 direct from Stunt Rock and The REGRET™ Instruction Manual.

Help us pay our terrible mortgages!  Follow this link to get them both right now!

Hey, we’re back.  Please buy something with all that Christmas loot you got.

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