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Various Artists – Themeless 4

Format: MP3
Released: 1st of January 2012


Fuck yeah! The 4th volume of our free themeless breakcore compilation serie is out now! 100 minutes of ass kicking tracks from all over the world! Download it and start the year with some fresh new brain bashing!


01. Non-Human – Unknown Experience (Microphyst’s Trouser Shuffle)
02. Meow Meow – Poison Blood
03. Apzolut – Scream For Cream
04. The Dark Passenger – Dark Clouds On A Sunny Day
05. Neocortex – Wat Een Teringzooi!
06. Ninjah Fareye – I Think Therefore Amen
07. Capslock – Le Pacte Des Loups
08. ShiteKnob – Themaloos
09. Z999 vs. TraumaTizer – Gloomlurker
10. Autonon – Cartopillar
11. Marcanta – The Collector
12. Rott In Pieces – The Only Thing We Know
13. Solid Lane – Cubical Ams
14. Alex Tune – I Feel Like Fuck Now
15. Tex-nd vs. WSicko – Grote Smurf
16. Project Serendipity – Problems You Can Dance To
17. The Savage Apes Of Mars – G-Low’s Drive-by Adventure
18. Klitorix – Fuego (Marijuanadogshitmix)
19. Fat Frumos – IloveODESSAdances
20. Shatterling – Rorschach Blot Test VIP
21. =XTRECIST= – 12 Minute Desolation

Check it out now!


WSicko & Tex-nd

Breakcore.NL Music

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