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Daily Archives: January 18th, 2012

Music — New Free Mix!
STIRRED UP – Mixed by Baseck

run time: 33mins 12 secs
Baseck – Intro
Current Value – Heavy Weight
All Leather – Well Fed Fuck
Le Jad – Beat 133.333 Pour Bank
Duran Duran Duran – Furious George
Monster X – Get Up to Kill
Otto Von Schirach – Night Terror
The Teknoist & Scheme Boy – Versus Unleashed (Gancher Remix)
The Outside Agency – Industrial Cooking Spray (feat. Tapage)
Receptor & Engage – Wi-Fi Waves
I:gor – Lost Control
Cooh – Down Boy (feat. Dean Rodell)
Halves – Autumn
Broken Note – Meltdown
Xanopticon – Tempcw_5
WMX – Possibilities (acid rework)
notes: this mix was originally made for rob booth’s electronic explorations show last year but it never seen the light of day. now hear it here first… BASECK EXCLUSIVE!
Direct Link:
Breakcore dead?
Not if you listen to the new Apzolut album Phtalates anyone?
The Aruban artist (based in Holland) Brings us 60 minutes (+ some
extra on the digital version) of mayhem!
A perfect blend of Jungle, Metal, Drone, Electro, Rave, and Gabber.
Mashup Breakcore i hear you think, yes! But at it’s finest! Don’t
expect any cheese here.
Raw, fast, funky & FUN! Breakcore has risen from it’s grave and is out
to party even harder!!!Orange socks is proud to present: Apzolut – Phtalates anyone?
Available on limited C60 cassette (incl digital version) & as a digital version

Digital version available at
Cassette available at