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BM007 – Various Artists – Classicore

Various Artists – Classicore

Format: MP3
Released: 14th of February 2012

Download zipfile (cover included)


We’ve got a special Valentine’s Day gift for you! It’s a free classical themed breakcore release featuring 13 tracks! Download it and spoil your neighbours romantic evening!


01. Hamster Alliance – Rupture
02. Tex-nd – Butterflies Falling From the Trees
03. Common Dominator ft. Paradeigma – At The Edge Of Time
04. Nubbin – A Good Day To Die
05. Autonon – After The First Blood Flows
06. WSicko – Moments Of Hope
07. Rott In Pieces – Symphony Of The Rotting Mind
08. Z999 – Fractalized Candyflipping
09. Burglecut – Dead Fairies
10. The Savage Apes Of Mars – Call Of The Wild
11. Project Serendipity – Yahtzee!
12. Mental D-struction – You Show Them How To Be
13. Infekkted – A Butterfly In Captivity

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