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[Chase 047] Michael T. Roper : “Interpersonal Dilemma”

Michael T. Roper’s “Interpersonal Dilemma” consists in 9 pieces of deep electronic music where melancholic arrangements and calm melodies surround IDM constructions, Glitch, Breaks and deconstructed Beats and clicks.

Those sophisticated rhythmics and soulful atmospheres asked Michael hours and hours of hard work in front of his programming tools. The result is incredibly rich and definitely requests headphones listening to catch every variations and nuances of the tracks.

Due to technical reasons we are unable to provide high bitrate (320 kbps) tracks for this new release. We apologize for that. But the whole album is so enchanting that I thought it deserves to be released anyway. So I sincerely hope you won’t blame us for the low bitrate and enjoy this really well produced music. Thanks for your interest!

Tracklist :

01 – Sleep In 2.3 (3:04)
02 – Everything BelgraveJAM (3:44)
03 – 121208 (4:51)
04 – 1129 (2:16)
05 – 221108 (2:29)
06 – We2 (4:04)
07 – 261208 (4:41)
08 – 120Days (3:20)
09 – 848 (4:14)

Download link :
[Chase 047] Michael T. Roper : “Interpersonal Dilemma”
[MP3 128 kbps] …

Mirror links :
Sonic Squirrel : … +Int/14424
Mininova (Torrent) :

Links :
Michael T. Roper :

Chase Records … 0516573180


One Comment

  1. 2/5にChase Recordsから出てたMichael T.Roperのやつ、結構好きネ。

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