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Various Artists – Fuck


My friends of launched a new breakcore compilation project and are looking for submissions for it. This will be a themed online compilation called “Fuck”. The theme has been inspired by the 90’s hardcore/gabber which contained a lot of “fuck” words. Your submission may be any kind of breakcore as long as it fits the requirements listed below.


– Use minimal 50 times the word “fuck”. You can use the word itself, but we will also count word variations like “fucking”, “motherfucker”, “unfuckingbelievable” and so on.
– Your tracktitle should contain minimal 1 “fuck” or a word variation of it. Please be creative with this. We don’t accept tracks which are titled only as “fuck”.
– Stay creative apart from the theme of this release. Don’t just send a boring track with minimal 50 fucks.

What we need
– Your track in .wav format (32 bit), when mastered: volume at -12db RMS
– Your artistname
– Title of the track
– Your website(s)
– Your country

Where to send
You can send your info and downloadlink through our contactform at our website. If you don’t have your own webspace you could use a webspace like rapidshare, sendspace or wetransfer.

The deadline for this themed compilation release is the 1st of June 2012.


WSicko & Tex-nd


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