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Number 27 for the Bludclot Recordings catalog is another ridiculous compilation of ruffneck jungle and core varieties spiced up with other flavors and elements familiar to our output. After a rough patch that seemed to spell the end for the label and Grindthieves family, the passion and drive to press on – even and especiallythrough the truly terrible times in life – we banded together with another sick batch of artists for the tongue and cheek titled/themed “White Lighter” compilation. A sort of slap in the face and homage to the so-called “27 Club” of famous musicians who’ve passed on too early at the age of 27 and peculiarly found with a white lighter in their pocket, Bludclot brings it rough, rugged, and ruthless once more for number 27 on the 27th of April in the year the world is supposed to end.

Some familiar Bludclot names plus a nice helping of artists not before featured on a Bludclot release that you’re probably familiar with already, this is yet another world class gathering of rudeboys and soundkillers aimed at demolishing your speakers and ruining the dance in the best way possible.

+ Various Artists – “White Lighter” [full]

01 : Ghost – “Crystalize” [mp3]
02 : Kungfused – “No Way” [mp3]
03 : unsoundbwoy – “Angel” [mp3]
04 : Mirra – “Freedom Dance” [mp3]
05 : FFF – “Breathing Fire” [mp3]
06 : B.I.N.T. – “36th Chamber” [mp3]
07 : Mr. Bad Monkey – “Those Damn Rasta’s Took E Again!” [mp3]
08 : Stivs – “Boom Wah Tek Ruff” [mp3]
09 : Stazma The Junglechrist – “Meltface (Sir.Vixx Remix)” [mp3]
10 : Wanklerotaryengine – “Smoke Fi Fyah” [mp3]
11 : Apzolut – “Strange Things Moving” [mp3]
12 : Nebulist – “Chat So Much” [mp3]
13 : C3B – “CHEW-Z” [mp3]


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