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Taking cues from Digital Hardcore but never looking back, Needle Fac7ory injects you with 6 shots of adrenalin pumping industrial affected noise. This summer it’s time to wake up and smell the end-times.  It’s time to shake out the dust from you ears and activate your central nervous system.  Have you got a bunker to hide in or a battle ship to ride in?  Let’s go to the Jubilee.
Genres: Industrial, Breakcore, Speedcore, Gabber, EBM, Digital Hardcore
DTRASH165 – HYPERDRIVER – You Are Only Alive Because It Is Illegal To Shoot You
A long-time member of the D-TRASH roster, Steve graces us with this threatening treat, the first HYPERDRIVER album recorded in Hull, his new home. More melodically accessible than his previous D-Trash outings, it still retains the distorted beat aggression that is synonymous with the HYPERDRIVER sound.
Genres: Rhythmic Noise, Speedcore, Broken Beat, Noise, Digital Hardcore, Breakcore
DTRASH164 – BOY+GIRL – Refractured Conditioning
The final BOY+GIRL release will electrocute you with its abrupt harsh rhythmic noise. B+G’s unique take on trash experimentalism has been a welcome addition to the roster, and with “Refractured Conditioning” he bids the project adieu. Grinding layers of feedback, screaming and chaos leave you unsafe at the equivalent edge of an active digital volcano.
Genres: Rhythmic Noise, Grindcore, Digital Hardcore, Noise, Power Electronics, Experimental
DTRASH163 – MASS HYPNOTIZED – Abolish Your Own Illusion
MASS HYPNOTIZED who did great remixes for D-TRASH of CPUWAR/SCHIZOID, comes to us with this debut release of psychological ambient noise soundtrack music.  A split release between D-TRASH and Braincore’s sublabel CARB NOIRE, this sometimes beat-driven, these shifting layers of futuristic sound, compel you with dark atmosphere.
Genres: Breakcore, Illbient, Broken Beat, Darkwave, Rhythmic Noise, Ambient
DTRASH162 – DISTÜNDRUM – On The Wave of Revolution
This terroristic troupe of digital hardcore metal junkies spin out a frantic 20+ minute grind assault taking on the world, with frenetic breakcore/jungle beats, but also a live guitar and bassist. D’is one is punk as fuck and would be perfect music to spraypaint banks and police cars to.
Genres: Grindcore, Noise, Breakcore, Punk, Gabber, Rhythmic Noise, Black Metal
DTRASH161 – FFTERROR – Revolution Planet Flesh
‘Revolution Planet Flesh’ captures TK and her bands’s incendiary material in five beautifully infectious yet aggressive songs that take you in a sonic trip from the rusty glam of a punk-rock garage to the dust and mud of an industrial rave party. Striking sound and incisive lyrics that come from a visionary inspiration, challenging all rotten conventions. Walls of distortion encapsulating myriad electronic layers, baritone guitar fuzzed out riffs, acoustic drums competing for space with explosive gabba beats, incisive lyrics challenging all rotten conventions, thunderous bass and the bold screams of a feminal punk-rocker. Raw fucking power.   ** NOTE: This is being pressed as a CD.  After Week 1 of downloads we will take down the full downloads of this release **
Genres: Industrial, Breakcore, Speedcore, Punk, Gabber, Heavy Metal, Hardcore
DTRASH160 – SCHIZOID – The Next Extreme: The Remixes
Genres: Industrial, Breakcore, Punk, Gabber, Rhythmic Noise, Black Metal
The title track of SCHIZOID”s 2012 return album “The Next Extreme”. The song, released online 2011 with an amazing video by PETE O’HEARN (, now gets remixed by the hardcore underground, with a 2012 release of the full album looming. No style is left unchecked here whether its crusty grindgabber, club-a-dubstep, or industrial dance metal. To hear the original version visit D-TRASH on YouTube and watch “The Next Extreme” video. Or, you can buy version and get a .WAV of the final version from the 7″ split released with HUMAN HERD.

Don’t forget about our most recent D-TRASH compilation!  Get up to speed on all these releases and more!
DTRASH2012 – VARIOUS ARTISTS – 2012 New Releases Mix
Free! MP3 podcast laying our blueprints for the 2012. Contains material culled from DTRASH156-165, plus 2 tracks from THE PHOERON’s Subjective Variables DTRASH113.3. 24 songs put in a continuous mix by J.SCHIZOID @ D-TRASH HQ in 2012/03. Play at a dirty rotten volume, this is D-2012 in tha mix!


DTRASH169 – CHIC GALA – Free Prostitute (
DTRASH166 – NEEDLE FACTORY – All Advertisements Are Lies (
DTRASH162 – DISTUNDRUM – Third World War (
DTRASH161 – FFT ERROR – Killer Co.’s (
DTRASH159 – THE FIRST SEED – Powerless (
DTECH10 – SCHIZOID – The Next Extreme (

DTRASH167 – TUAREG GEEKS – Global Introduction To Stupidity
DTRASH168 – SKAT INJECTOR – Cannibalistic Sitophillia
DTRASH169 – CHIC GALA – Free Prostitute
DTECH09 – VARIOUS ARTISTS / D-TRASH 12″ compilation LP
DTECH10 – SCHIZOID – The Next Extreme
SCHIZOID – The Next Extreme – T-Shirt
Represent ‘tha trash in your town, with these slick SCHIZOID T-Shirts, bearing the cover of the upcoming “The Next Extreme” album. Professionally screened onto American Apparel shirts, available in M L XL and Girlie. Orders ship next day after payment.
Cost + Surface Shipping -> 25$ Canada / 28$ USA / 30$ World. Paypal to jschizoid a t and specify your size preference.

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