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bulkrate & capslock
e fil de vilnulimited (50pcs) vinyl look cdr + artwork in metal tin
with occult beats and broken industrial

1. Bulkrate – Before The First Dawn 04:34
2. Bulkrate – Ritual Dance 04:53
3. Bulkrate – At Fullmoon 03:57
4. Bulkrate – Strangers 04:28
5. Bulkrate – Ritual Dance (Capslock Remix) 06:34
6. Capslock – Cleansed By Blood 09:08
7. Capslock – Tank War Europa 08:37
8. Capslock – Echelon 06:28
9. Capslock – Royalty Destroyer 07:53
10. Capslock – Cleansed By Blood (Bulkrate Remix) 06:27


released 19th of may 2012
ketacore records – ketacdr005


Bulkrate delivers four tracks recorded at an occult ritual from the future, held in an overgrown area where only the drums remind us of the abandoned factory it once was. While his alienating rhythms are ever present, they are more like a minimal undercurrent to which bodies may move, submissive to and tortured by the ancient powers summoned by his chants.

Capslock’s tracks are more driven by rogue technological forces, being played somewhere in a vast city under a poisoned silver sky. Over-amplified sounds that young girls with cyborg-like implants dance to. Rhythmically, almost mechanically, entertaining themselves while they scan through the attracted observers for their next victim.


Voor slechts 5 eurootjes heb je dit prachtige gelimiteerde kunstwerkje in huis. PM me, of mail , of het allermakkelijkst is via de bandcamp page, want daar kan je hem gelijk beluisteren :


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