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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dustor Sheean VS Low Entropy – Break Out! And Other Tracks
Free Netrelease

Dustor Sheean was the band of Low Entropy and a woman called Freddy in Hamburg. Originally a whole album with their music was planned, style should have been “Digital Hardcore”, i.e. beats, lots of noise, lots of shouting, future feel. Some slower tracks, some super rough tracks. Like most planned projects, it was not 100% realized. One fully finished track was made, and several instrumental tracks. The only “released” track so far was “Break Out!” on the All-Out Demolition! CDr compilation (for the party series with the same name) in 2003. The name “Dustor Sheean” is a reference the first work of the Cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling.


(You can also preview listen to the tracks at the Bandcamp site)

Style: Digital Hardcore, Speedcore, Breakcore, Experimental


01. Dustor Sheean – Break Out!
02. Dustor Sheean – Break Out! (Alternate Instrumental Version)
03. Dustor Sheean – Schrei (Instrumental Version)
04. Low Entropy – Alpha Centauri (Alternative Extended Version)


Low Entropy Info:

Coming late October 2012

New release by R10T33R (NL)
KILL-14 – R10T33R – “Step it Up!” [7 inch vinyl]

R10T33R = Bas Welling (NL)
Artwork by Yanush Kaczmarek (AU)

More info soon.

Various Artists – Themeless 5


It’s that time of the year again! We’ve started collecting tracks for the online compilation series “Themeless”. This will be the 5th part of this breakcore compilation series!

Are you a breakcore producer and want to be part of “Themeless 5”? Read the following information about this themeless compilation.

What we need
– Your track in .wav format (we prefer 32 bit)
– Your artist name
– Title of the track
– Your website(s)
– Your country

Where to send
You can send your download link to or through our contacform.

The deadline for this compilation is the 1st of December 2012.


WSicko & Tex-nd

New Irreverent Music Release!
Breakcore / Metal set free download.

BLEH – Sandbox(Re-Visited) – Irreverent Music Set

Recreation of the live set i played on SANDBOX event 07.09.12.
The recording got f@#ked by the boogie man 🙂 so i re recorded it at the studio
Photo by: Eran Hirsh

01 Minicipal Waste – waste in space (main title)
02 ROTATOR – No Surrenda !
– The Doors-Riders on the storm
03 Junglechrist – Ragga Terror From Outer Space
04 Fluxrotator – We Will Break You
05 Nebulist-Jungle Frenzy
06 Igorrr – Melting Nails (Rotator Redux)
07 BLEH – Satan says, Brush your teeth
08 Johnny Clash – Trustafarians
09 Divtech – American Gladware
10 Vivace – Raskolnikov
11 DIE ANTWORD – I Fink U Freeky (BLEH EDIT)
12 STUPEED – Infected
13 Judas Priest – Breaking The Law
– Kriotek-Malaxor(Neomind Rmx)
– Soulfly – Jumpdafuckup
14 Noizy Az Fuck-Psychic Fire
15 M.E.S.S – Kali
– Lil Mama – Lip Gloss
16 Zardonic – Restless Slumber
17 Ladyscraper – Cheese Burgers
18 Hatesphere – Drinking With the King of Dead
19 Ill Nino – God Save Us
20 Red Beton – Pogrom Formula
– Hatebreed – This Is Now
21 Burglecut – War Is Beautiful
22 Headlez Ponch & Drunk Optimus – Made By Our Grannies
23 Drunk Optimus – Zombies On The Dancefloor
24 Nano strike – Democracy Kicked In
25 Infected Mushroom – Becoming Insane (BLEH RMX)