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New mix, Circle of Mania, available for streaming and download in multiple formats:

Electronome: @
Senical: Visualized
Speedy J: Pure Energy
Huren: Ordet
Rory St John: Noughtsmith
Violetshaped: A Skull in the Cellar
Ancient Methods vs Kareem: Dämmerung der Parhelia (Kareem interpretation)
Violetshaped: The Lord Won’t Forget (Roly Porter remix)
Delusions: Death Tree – Ancient Methods “rearrangement”
Mondkopf: Ease Your Pain
Swarm Intelligence: Tame
Wirewound: Interceptor
Dimentia: Nightside
JK Flesh: Posthuman
Split Horizon: Shift
Drexciya: Anti-Beats
Richard Devine: Rusx Fee
Axhan Sonn: Itax
Oubys: Positronium II_Substance remix
Dead Fader: Bosched
Element Abuse: Deep Grid Rotor
Somatic Responses: Tlx
C Mantle: Blackboard Jungle
Subskan: Come in Piece
Emptyset: Armature
Clarity: Off the Cuff
Somatic Responses: Ripped
Bombdogs: St Valentines Massacre
Electric Kettle: Scaled Storm
Atomhead: Turbulent Extent (rmx)
Dev/Null & Xanopticon: Agoranopticon Xanophobic mix
Neurocore: Relativité du Sommeil Paradoxal
Electronome: @


3 differents streams file:


[IDM, Industrial, Broken Bass, Rhythmic Noise, Breakcore, Flashcore]


more info: DJ Oblique

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