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The operation of the creation is unique because it acts immediately on what is as it is. This operation connects the Creator with the creature, the infinity in the finity, the eternity in what is in the time.

The eternity and the infinity being by no means unlimitedness, but on the contrary, the absence of duration and space, our intelligence cannot seize that the relation of radical dependence of what is towards the Creator.

Demiurge from the nothingness, the man does not find its supreme completion in the Ownership and the enjoyment, but in the party and the celebration, in the thanksgiving, the praise and the glorification.The esoteric demonstrations of the universe and the philosophy of the Creation, invite the man to taste the pleasures and the enjoyments of the material world. An intelligence, even divine, which practices on nothing is strictly useless, that is why it creates in only fine to exercise it on a material universe: a dualistic universe where the spirit converts, transforms and organizes the material.


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