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Monthly Archives: February 2013


 Low Entropy- Defiant
LEGS-NET 038 Page

Experimental Hardcore Electronics

01. Alpha Centauri (4-4 mix)
02. Desire (4-4 mix)
03. Billions (140 bpm mix)
04. Make My Day (Oldschool Mix)
05. Melodic 2
06. Acid 24
07. Acid 25
08. Hardcore Will Never Die! (Acid 26)

Artist: DieTRAX vs FFF
Title: 広島死闘篇~Hiroshima Deathmatch~
Catalogue number: MURCD-023
Release date: February 15, 2013
Format: CD+DigitalImageTracklist

1. DieTRAX vs FFF / Miyajima
2. DieTRAX vs FFF / Get Hyper
3. DieTRAX vs FFF / Last Requiem
4. DieTRAX / Die Job Da !!! (instrumental)
5. FFF / Rotterdam Soundboy VIP
6. FFF / Trough The Vibe
7. DieTRAX / Ico
8. DieTRAX vs FFF / Miyajima (Far East Recording Remix)
9. DieTRAX vs FFF / Get Hyper (Weyheyhey !! Remix)
10. DieTRAX vs FFF / Last Requiem (E-De-Cologne Remix)

Preview: … ax-vs-fff/

“More rave madness and Japan / Holland alliance with this second collaboration between Rotterdam’s FFF and Hiroshima’s DieTrax, of course for Murder Channel. Unlike the previous “Hiroshima vs Rotterdam”, which featured solo tracks by both artist, this new “Death Match” is more of a collaboration between both artists. It’s really quite close musically, though, as both artists overdo their own solo selves here with more hardcore beats, more jungle rhythms, more rave samples, and more all-good-fun sweaty madness than before. Are you into emo and looking for music to cut your veins to? This is not for you? Do you like glowsticks and late-morning raves? Now we’re talking” –


Pre-Order at Ad Noiseam Store … p3924.html

Pre-Order at GHz Music Store (Japan Only)

Digital Version will be online Friday February 15th on Murder Channel bandcamp

Instant Satisfunction ~ OUT NOW!


Instant Satisfunction ~ soon OUT!


4 way split in old fashion with new nasty trash tunes by  Rioteer Urbanfailure Gotharman and Axiomid will bring you instant satisfunction. available NOW on limited hand printed cd or tape in metal box or via download. Core – beats – noises released by [/] as release no. 26

following tapes brands/types are available:

Basf CR-M II – 4 pcs.

Maxell UR – 6 pcs.

Basf LH – 1 pc.

Maxell XL II – 1 pc.

Sony HF – 1 pc.

Basf Ferro Extra I – 1 pc.

Fuji DR – 3 pcs.

Philips Super Ferro – 1 pc.

Philips FSX – 1 pc.

TDK SA – 1 pc.

Raks ED-SX 1 pc.

instant satisfunction tapes

price for cd or tape in metal box is 10eur + included


Instant Satisfunction ~ soon OUT!

Meow Meow – Kat Luva Luva (TIO015)




Everyone remembers this morning situation. Could be a teknival or a club. The sun rises, exhausted ravers are striving to dance. Essential Old School Rave is blowing up the speakers to remind you how epic the moment is. Music of Meow Meow – our new crewmate from Holland – is coming from this vibe. However there is no room for bullshit or raw arrangements. It’s based on what we love most: legions of snares jumping on the stave, extreme kicks and general breakcore/jungle craft at its best. Above it all the spirit of rave floats to make sure that any spliff won’t burn straight and every ass will shake. It is recommended to turn on only when you can afford two days off. Once you start to listen – all your missions won’t matter anymore.

001. Don’t Stop
002. Tiburones En La Llaya
003. Lick Lick Lick
004. Pussy Ambulance
005. Scratch
006. Puzzyz
007. Kat Hard

All tracks produced by Meow Meow.