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Meow Meow – Kat Luva Luva (TIO015)




Everyone remembers this morning situation. Could be a teknival or a club. The sun rises, exhausted ravers are striving to dance. Essential Old School Rave is blowing up the speakers to remind you how epic the moment is. Music of Meow Meow – our new crewmate from Holland – is coming from this vibe. However there is no room for bullshit or raw arrangements. It’s based on what we love most: legions of snares jumping on the stave, extreme kicks and general breakcore/jungle craft at its best. Above it all the spirit of rave floats to make sure that any spliff won’t burn straight and every ass will shake. It is recommended to turn on only when you can afford two days off. Once you start to listen – all your missions won’t matter anymore.

001. Don’t Stop
002. Tiburones En La Llaya
003. Lick Lick Lick
004. Pussy Ambulance
005. Scratch
006. Puzzyz
007. Kat Hard

All tracks produced by Meow Meow.

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