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Artist: DieTRAX vs FFF
Title: 広島死闘篇~Hiroshima Deathmatch~
Catalogue number: MURCD-023
Release date: February 15, 2013
Format: CD+DigitalImageTracklist

1. DieTRAX vs FFF / Miyajima
2. DieTRAX vs FFF / Get Hyper
3. DieTRAX vs FFF / Last Requiem
4. DieTRAX / Die Job Da !!! (instrumental)
5. FFF / Rotterdam Soundboy VIP
6. FFF / Trough The Vibe
7. DieTRAX / Ico
8. DieTRAX vs FFF / Miyajima (Far East Recording Remix)
9. DieTRAX vs FFF / Get Hyper (Weyheyhey !! Remix)
10. DieTRAX vs FFF / Last Requiem (E-De-Cologne Remix)

Preview: … ax-vs-fff/

“More rave madness and Japan / Holland alliance with this second collaboration between Rotterdam’s FFF and Hiroshima’s DieTrax, of course for Murder Channel. Unlike the previous “Hiroshima vs Rotterdam”, which featured solo tracks by both artist, this new “Death Match” is more of a collaboration between both artists. It’s really quite close musically, though, as both artists overdo their own solo selves here with more hardcore beats, more jungle rhythms, more rave samples, and more all-good-fun sweaty madness than before. Are you into emo and looking for music to cut your veins to? This is not for you? Do you like glowsticks and late-morning raves? Now we’re talking” –


Pre-Order at Ad Noiseam Store … p3924.html

Pre-Order at GHz Music Store (Japan Only)

Digital Version will be online Friday February 15th on Murder Channel bandcamp

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