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dj set – Bart Hard @ The Art Of Breakcore

This dj set was the closing set/performance of first edition of The Art Of Breakcore, which took place on 22nd december 2012 in The Hall of Fame, Tilburg (Netherlands). With this set, dj Bart Hard collaborated with the live art performer Levi van Huygevoort to give a view on a possible future.


1. Low Entropy – Mental Cleansing
2. Low Entropy – They Live
3. Sinthe Labo – Eith Forza Stronzi
4. Pierre Henry – Rock Electronique
5. aleXdee – There Is Nothing To Laugh
6. Temporal Marauder – Subtractive Existence (Part 1)
7. Steve Reich – Music For A Large Ensemble
8. Tangerine Dream – Phaedra
9. Smetana – Die Moldau
10. Unknown – Untitled
11. Venetian Snares – Weinerpeg Mannertoeba
12. Suneaters – Solar Suneaters Transmission
13. Unknown – Untitled

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