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minor028 yvat – feldspar
grey 12inch vinyl, lim.200
4 tracks

…ist out NOW. Listen to snippets at and get it pretty old-school at Minor-Mailorder. No registration needed, cheaper prices for most Minor-related items & fair shipping rates.
Or at discogs, but this platform started to adapt some bad habbits like other web-things did before…


upcoming releases:

– flop0005, 10inch, 4 tracks of low frequency massacre 8bit-rhythm shitcore, as cyperkid is known for
– minor027, 7inch, tlic is still active and two tracks emerged from the winter depression

…these two, among others, as all minor outputs before: ready when they’re done 🙂


!!!free downloads!!!

The first 10 Minor-releases are now available as free downloads (mp3, 192kbit, stereo), bundled in rar-files including scans of the most of the original artwork.
Just visit the webside and right-click in the “releases/01+” section.


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