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Format: 7″ Vinyl
Title: Play God
Copies: 200

The latest and most dangerous development is the
inclusion & addition of American Death Rap “artists”
like KARDIAC to the Hirntrust army. This perverted
form of Rap music is infectious and causes major
damage when administered to minors but still is
able to cause serious damage to unstabile adult minds. Death Rap at it’s best on clear red wax!

Listen HERE on soundcloud!

and check this awsome KARDIAC “The Nest”
video on youtube. Video directed and edited by
William Joel, shot by Aimee Thomas for

Format: 7″ Vinyl
Title: Tigers
Copies: 150

When DeathRap meets CrackRap there’s a need for
people to make ends meet and this is was the
Baltiomore-based NAPALM DEF do, musically.

Paralyzed, 808-driven beats and grinding low pitch noises their music is hard like cold turkey. One can literally see paranoia and trepidation sitting in the back of NAPALM DEF’s studio while the duo spits darkest rhymes, this time backed by their homeboy BAGELFACE which is another creepy, sick minded creature hailing from Baltimores Mutant HipHop scene. Ever watched a horror flic in frame-by-frame mode? If you answer is yes you’ll love this 7″ vinyl!

Listen HERE on soundcloud! 


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