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Daily Archives: April 30th, 2013

The abandoned listening station on the Teufelsberg Berlin has a magical atmosphere. The industrial area with its rusty metal surfaces, broken glass and the unique acoustic in the domes provide a rich repertoire of fascinating sounds which reflect the area’s ambience.

We could not resist the attraction of the place and visited it in 2009, equipped with microphones and recording devices.
Subsequently the recordings were given to some musicians in order to get different interpretations of the sound material. The goal was to translate the impressions of the place into music.

Recently more artists decided to work with our sound material to produce new tracks for this second Radarstation album, thus creating more versatile perspectives of that soundscape.

More infos about the artists:
Sounddevisor, Astronaut-Lykin, Erased Bodies, Err0r_500, Neurobit

Artwork by:
Ádám Pócs (Royaljerry)

Here is the first Radarstation release: FT001 Radarstation