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This live set is recorded during Art Of Breakcore 2
Hall Of Fame Tilburg, The Netherlands.

For The Art Of Breakcore Vague_Entity played a special set on request of Bart Hard (organisator of Art Of Breakcore), which combines his darkstep experiments building up to dark Industrial hardcore reflecting the world falling down….

The Art Of Breakcore Line Up and Timetable was:

22.00 – 23.00 Holmen
23.00 – 00.00 Hypnoskull Live
00.00 – 00.20 Worlds Ab-art aka aleXdee
00.20 – 01.15 Jean Bach aka Leprozid Strick/Pfahl Live
01.15 – 02.15 Noize Creator Live
02.15 – 03.00 Vague_Entity Live
03.00 – 04.00 Bart Hard

Next edition of The Art Of Breakcore will be on may 10th 2014 @ Hall of Fame, Tilburg. Be there..


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