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[TOAR007] Illuminati Puppets (The Remixes)

by             MATHEUS presents

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Illuminati Puppets (Frietboer Remix)                                                 03:44                         
Illuminati Puppets (Breakforce One Remix)                                                 03:41                         
Illuminati Puppets (Amousement Remix)                                                 03:48                         
Illuminati Puppets (Parliamentalist Remix)                                                 04:43                         
Illuminati Puppets (SolidNormality Remix)                                                 03:14                         
Illuminati Puppets (Scratch Speedbreak Remix)                                                 05:35                         
Illuminati Puppets (Nebulist Remix)                                                 07:13                         
Illuminati Puppets (Thorpey Remix)                                                 04:25                         
Illuminati Puppets (The Industrialism Redux                                                 04:20                         
Illuminati Puppets (Music Video Teaser Instrumental)                                                 01:02                         


Following the release of his epic ‘Work The Math’ album on  ‘Core Collective Records’ & ‘Sociopath Recordings’ Matheus has summoned 9 of the most rabid underground producers from around the world to rework one of the most prominent tracks from his release. Each piece, its own whirlwind of splintered amens, rhythmic splendour and total rave overdose. With deep political undertones and interdimesional skitzo babble, the message is loud and clear. The few may control the many, but we control the volume knob!!  so crank it up, tear it out, dont be a puppet!!!!


                            released 17 March 2014                                         Original ‘Illuminati Puppets’ track written and produced by Matheus  taken from ‘Work The Math’ out on ‘Core Collective Records’ & ‘Sociopath Recordings’ 2013 All featured remixes by the respective artists…2013/14 and not forgetting…

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